The Order: 1886 has brilliant boomsticks, but is it a slave to cutscenes? | Dealspwn preview

Dealspwn writes: "Galahad's Thermite Rifle might be one of my favourite virtual weapons of all time.

Rather than firing boring old bullets, this steampunk boomstick throws out hundreds of fragile iron oxide and aluminium shells, which shatter on impact and flood the stage with thick clouds of choking gas. However, secondary fire lobs in a magnesium flare, which sets off a chemical reaction that reaches up to 2500°C.

In layman's terms: everything burns."

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FuzzyPixels1496d ago

After they banged on about it being super cinematic, I was worried that it might be a gorgeous but otherwise uninspired shooter. This preview has done nothing to dispel that :(

Blues Cowboy1496d ago

Yeah, but preview builds are usually shortened and edited though. At least the gameplay looks to be entertaining - we'll have to wait to find out how much of it there actually is!

--Onilink--1496d ago

well yeah, they are edited, but usually to give a better impression, not the opposite.

I gotta say, I really want to like this game, the premise sounds very interesting, but the gameplay demos have done nothing to convince me.

Im hoping they show some more variety, less linear gunfights (some parts of the demo you practically had only 1 place where you could take cover) and much better AI

xx4xx1496d ago

I guess that depends on your definition of gameplay.

Unfortunately all that has been shown has been linear and QTEs.

It looks great - no doubt, but concerned that beneath all that beautiful luster, there is just a lump of coal.

fonger081496d ago

This game looks fantastic, there should be no debate about that, but honestly, it's still too early to judge this on the short play throughs we've seen. I mean honestly, until you play a game like through to the end, you can't judge it especially on if it has "too many cinematic scenes." I can't imagine this game won't be entertaining, I just hope that the actual gameplay is in the 8-12 hr time frame with maybe 1-3hr of cinematic scenes.

Blues Cowboy1496d ago

True. These little tidbits aren't necessarily representative, but they are parts of the game that the devs are willing to show to the public.

Either way, this section is much better than the E3 werewolf fight. Less QTEs, more awesome guns!

And, if the story is exceptional, then loads of cutscenes might not even be a bad thing - even if they do get in the way of gameplay from time to time. It will have to be REALLY good, though.

KakashiHotake1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

The order looks beautiful and is one of the most realistic looking games I've ever seen and the story looks on point too. I think the biggest problem with the Order is that it all just looks too good to be true. People are just looking for the least little things to complain about because the game looks too perfect. The game is still nearly 6 months away from release and already looks polished from what I've seen. I don't know why some people won't allow themselves to just be excited because this one looks epic.

Blues Cowboy1496d ago

I love getting amped about games, but just being excited and convinced that a game is "perfect" can lead to serious problems down the line. See also: Watch Dogs. Asking questions now, then being pleasantly surprised by the answers at launch, is probably the way to go?

Bennibop1496d ago

Not really fair to judge a game by cutscenes length etc if we did that nobody would have played MGS IV. I say we hold of judging this game until it reviewed/released. Sony and RAD are not letting much of this game be shown (gamescom demo was same as E3 playthrough.)

Omar911496d ago

I disagree, I would play/watch MGS even if it was just cutscenes lol

Bennibop1496d ago

They were excessive though! How many times do you need to see a girl frying eggs!!

scark921496d ago

I have the mindset in which the story is what excites me about the MGS series more than gameplay.

Omar911496d ago

I agree the gameplay is just icing on the cake

Software_Lover1496d ago

But...... no one actually PLAYED MGSIV

I'll see my way out -------->

Manic20141496d ago

I still need to get sold on this game, maybe i could play at EGX. Graphically it looks stunning and the premise seems interesting.

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