Shadow of Mordor Season Pass is hideously anti-consumer, frankly offensive

Dealspwn: "Day One DLC sucks.

Season Passes for non-franchise games suck. COD and FIFA Season Passes are also lamentable, but at least you know what you're getting into there.

Mashing two wrongs together doesn't make a right. It makes for a dangerous new amalgam of anti-consumer bullsh*t. Nobody tell EA."

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Blues Cowboy1491d ago

Aye. Pre-ordering season passes has to stop, and this is just a hilariously transparent attempt to sucker more players into buying content before it's even developed.

Baka-akaB1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

It's more cynical than that . I dont believe in the fairy of undeveloped content costing extra and being sold off .

It happens a few times , but even then you know some of those are developed afterward , because it was decided to be cut and saved for later .

Not because there was an issue or a lack of time .

Flamingweazel1491d ago

This type of practice started with Ms and COD, Oblivion...all down hill from there. even paying millions to keep GTa 4 dlc off ps3 for ages. Pathetic company.

TheDrunkenJester1491d ago


Just like Sony is doing with Destiny? Sony has done this plenty of times as well, it's a business tactic. YOU just don't notice it (or care) unless it's Microsoft doing it. Typical fanboy.

TheDrunkenJester1491d ago

I agree. I don't like how this started to be a trend. That's why I love games like Skyrim and Demon/Dark Souls. They give you an entire game without stuff cut out just to sell off later.

TimidPixel1491d ago

I bet eventually we will get preorder bonuses for preordring the season pass lol.

Dread1491d ago

I imagine this is somehow MS's fault right?

dodgemoose1491d ago

I know you'll struggle to comprehend this, but not everything is about MS . Shocker right

TheDrunkenJester1491d ago

Judging by the downvotes I'd say people didn't get the sarcasm... Well I hope it was sarcasm...

Dread1491d ago

of course it was

next time ill put an /s

i thought it was an obvious joke but...

levian1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

People around here have a hard time understanding sarcasm... It's why so many articles have had to put "(Satire)" in their title

gamerqc1491d ago

Destiny will do the same yet people are opening their mouths and ready to swallow it.

Palitera1491d ago


No one is allowed to openly criticize the DLC simulator...

Rhaigun1491d ago

I think it depends on the added content as to whether the season pass is worth it. Destiny is promising two large expansions for $20.

I've only bought two season passes. Borderlands 2 and Forza Motorsport 3. Borderlands gave me four expansions and Forza was somewhere around 50 new care. Both seemed to be a good value at just $20.

Baka-akaB1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Or people understand the specific needs for those in a few categories without absolving it for games that clearly dont .

You expect people to complain about a mmo getting content added , or something like Guitar Hero/Rock band getting paid additional songs ? Nope it's in their nature and actual needs

But some missing chapter already developped in an assassin creed game ? Hell yeah

Evilsnuggle1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

[email protected]

"Destiny will do the same yet people are opening their mouths and ready to swallow it."

When a game cost 500 million dollars to make . Also bungie are not charging a subscription fee for online play multi player. Then how do you think they are going to make a profit to make more games?

[email protected]

"I imagine this is somehow MS's fault right?"

For years Microsoft has been changing for xbox live gold and extreme paywalls for silver and buying early DLC executive.

I said it was bad for the game industry that it would become a trend because of Microsoft charging for online play and and buy DLC executive. Now that game developers see Microsoft willingness to buy dlc executive. Now game developers see it as a each revenue stream .Now that Microsoft has shown a willingness to buy dlc executive and are changing for online play it has forced Sony to do the same when in the past they have been reluctant to. Why now Sony need more revenue to complete with Microsoft ability to pay for dlc and the need to pay for games for PSN+ to complete with xbox live gold.

This in my opinion has been not a benefit for the customer just additional cost.

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360ICE1491d ago

Lack of knowledge about what you're purchasing is never a good thing. That is why season passes should be treated as the video game equivelant of marriage. You only get it with a game you love and trust.

Also, Shadow of Mordor looks like Assassin's Creed. Like there aren't more than enough of those games already...

XtraTrstrL1491d ago

It's highly risky on a game like this. I wouldn't have been pre-ordering to begin with. This is one of those games I'd have to wait and see reviews on, and check out gameplay vids after release. They're only hurting themselves by diving into the deep end of the anti-consumer pool so quickly. They don't have the pull of a COD or whatever.

I'm also just so sick of Day-1 $$$DLC$$$ altogether. It's obvious that it's content that was made on the original budget, then ripped apart from the game to make more $$$ on the side. It's one of the negative sides of having a console with a HDD. If there was no HDD, they'd have fit every little bit into the game they could, knowing they had no other way to get that content to us, and it'd be all included in the original price. Now they just have a free-for-all frenzy on us. I was just vaguely interested in this game before, now it's a no-brainer to stay away.

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