New project from SCE Japan Studio leaked?

Prior to Sony's E3 2014 media briefing, one member of 4Chan outed "Project Beast". This, of course, turned out to be From Software's Bloodborne.


Update: Sadly, the clip is fake. It's comprised of footage taken from this video.

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Kayant1282d ago

Wow here we go again. Sony Japan sure is leaky looool :P

Looks interesting TGS can't come soon enough.

bouzebbal1282d ago

Japan Studio is leaking some good stuff!
looking damn good!

nX1282d ago

It's fake but we'll probably see their projects in the next few weeks.

PaleMoonDeath1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Keep them coming, I like being prepared for the games I'm going to buy.

Just when is TGS anyways?

Edit: Fake.. bugger :(

Kurisu1282d ago

TGS runs from 18th - 21st September.

Evilsnuggle1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I'm hoping that Sony Japan Studio make a direct sequel to my favorite game of last gen Demon's Soul's .

I would love to see what Sony Japan Studio could do with the Demon's Soul's ip and characters. Sony Japan Studio Co developed Demon's Soul's and are Co developing Bloodbone.

I loved the puppeteer Sony Japan Studio last game. Would love to see what game elements and changes Sony Japan Studio could make to a Demon's Soul's sequel.

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MightyNoX1282d ago

Seems like everyday, I come here to see a new PS4 game announced or teased.

It's becoming a powerhouse of games. X3

Hanso1282d ago

Same Guy who leaked Bloodborne so i guess its real.
Reminds me a bit of KARA

dcj05241282d ago

That exactly what i thought.

equal_youth1282d ago

glad u posted this before my hopes got shot the stars ^^

StifflerK1282d ago

That video looked pretty cool, shame it's not a game...

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