Yoshida: There Was A Huge Technical Issue With Driveclub; Not Worried About The Competition

Yoshida finally explains why Driveclub was delayed for almost a whole year, and isn't terribly worried about the competition in the genre.

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Septic1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"It’s a different kind of game compared to the other games you mentioned. I didn’t see any direct competition, from my perspective"

I don't see why it cannot be compared with Forza Horizon 2 (assuming that's one of the games mentioned to him). Yes, one is open world whilst this is more close circuit, but this is still an arcade racer very similar to the spirit of Forza Horizon.

It has a very strong focus on the social component of the game (same as FH), similar driving mechanics and pace etc.

Personally, I don't see this touching Forza Horizon 2, apart from the visuals, which it beats Horizon 2 hands down on. From features, to cars, to modes to customisations etc etc, already it seems like it will be an inferior racer.

Mind you, this is all based on speculation and the old build I played last year. Ultimately it all boils down to how well it nails the driving mechanics.

Unlike Yoshida, I would definitely say that there is a comparison to be made and in that sense, he should be 'worried'.

kaiserfranz1377d ago

Not really, Forza Horizon 2 seemed more arcade to me (played them both last week). Driveclub is more of an hybrid

Septic1377d ago

"Driveclub is more of an hybrid"

It did not feel like a hybrid AT ALL to me when I played it last year. Unless it has drastically changed from last year, then this is an arcade racer far removed from racing sims like GT.

GTgamer1377d ago

Theirs article about how DC feels way different than it did last year so yeah I would give you the link but I'm on my phone got not time for that lol

JackOfAllBlades1377d ago

I've played neither, but I have done coding and when looking at likely near a million lines of code for a game like this it could take a long long time to find the problem

LAWSON721377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

You clearly you have not played Forza every single game is a hybrid

Dee_911377d ago

Just because he doesn't see FH2 as direct competition, since it isn't, doesn't mean you can't compare them.

Also it look like the cars handle a lot more realistically now.

CuddlyREDRUM1377d ago

They are both arcade racers, and I played them both last week.

FamilyGuy1377d ago

DriveClub is the only racer where you race in clans, that instantly separates it from "the competition". Being social is one thing but being part of a group that can actually unlock things as a group is a completely different thing.

donthate1377d ago

Most customers will look at both games and think, "car racer" games, and compare them. That is obvious!

So yes they are direct competitors, but since they are each on their own platform they are somewhat insulated by the platform.


I don't think you have any significant amount of coding experience.

What they are talking about isn't a "bug", but rather architecting a large portion of the underlying engine to allow for certain things the team wanted that wasn't possible the way it was done before.

That is at least what it sounds like.

CoryHG1377d ago

I played it at E3 this year. It's still full on arcade.

mixolydian_id1377d ago

In DC's defence... as long as the tracks and car's they have implemented, perform well and offer a relatively balanced experience then there's a whole lot of fun to be had.

As long as the social features they rave on about are as good as they say, then the game may have legs.

Not bov'd about the resolution or frame-rate, i'm more interested in fun and game longevity.

pinkcrocodile751377d ago


You were very dismissive of Rowdius_Maximus.

The article doesn't specifically mention either a bug OR an issue with the architecture of the engine.

Sony was being deliberately grey in his response. There is no need to be a tool man!

OT: With a years additional development time DC better have some amazing features. I will be getting FH2 with out a doubt, however since I'm getting a PS4 this week I would like a good review before buy this.

This studio hasn't got my trust yet... Maybe DC will change that.

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nX1377d ago

I think that aside from the fact that Forza is open world and PCARS is a simulatiom, he means that Driveclub does things like the social connectivity that haven't been done in racing games before. Of course they can be compared with each other but every game's focus lies somewhere completely else.

incendy351377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Doesn't horizons have a lot more social features with much larger clubs though?

@Alexious: Horizons also has day/night cycle, dynamic clouds and weather. In fact their weather is included at launch : )

Convas1377d ago

More Social Connectivity than Forza Horizon 2?

You've gotta be joking.

Alexious1377d ago

For instance, Driveclub has a day/night cycle, fully dynamic clouds and a much more fleshed out weather system.

Kosmacz1377d ago

Well, i am not so sure Horizon 2 has more social features. Sure it has bigger clubs. But it doesn't mean more features. It doesn't even mean that's better feature. Reading about social features i think DC has little bit more.

frostypants1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

DriveClub's entire gameplay is based on club racing. It's part of everything in the game. In FH it looks like they're little more than clans.

extermin8or1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

@incendy: Well then the games will be very similar except Horizon 2 will have an open world that from what I understand has little point to it but driving from race to race, it's not like a burnout open world or a nfs open world. Wehereas Drive Club has some insane visuals and weather effects that when seen side by sde show a massive difference so if they handle the same have similar social features then the only thing left is clearly graphics where drive club wins... The Crew is likely to be the biggest competition for both titles.

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windblowsagain1377d ago

I think your off your rocker Septic.

People are not going to rush to buy xboxone's because of horizon2.

PS players can't buy Horizon and xbox players can't buy Driveclub unless you buy the console it's on.

If Horizon 2 has any competition, it will be in the form of the crew.

Septic1377d ago

Well if we're talking competition in terms of sales, then yeah that's a different argument.

If we're talking quality and critical reception, then there is a comparison.

Visiblemarc1377d ago

Same thing I was thinking...can't compete directly with a game on a different platform.

Indirectly and in new console acquisition for huge racing fans, that's a different matter.

jahcure1377d ago

Both games look great in their own light, but, which title do you anticipate doing better at the sales?

IndoAssassin1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well Xbox One exclusives are selling better than Ps4 exclusives plus Forza is an established name. Driveclub will have a PS plus version. So Forza Horizon 2 will sell more copies

extermin8or1377d ago

@IndoAssassin xbox one exclusives are only outselling ps4 exclusives if your high when reading the figures... Killzone shadow fall was bestselling next gen game prior to watch_dog release. The last of us remastered apparently sold over 1.5 million in first 24 hours.... Also Infamous:Second Son sold really well aswell.

Spotie1377d ago

So wait.

We can't compare the graphics because they're different types of racers, but we can compare the entire game even though they're different types of racers?

Torque_CS_Lewith1377d ago

You need to work on your comprehension skills. Nobody said that at all. In fact, PS fans only want to compare graphics since Horizon 2 smashes DC in terms of all else.

FanboyKilla1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I still see that technical issue. Lol i know you see the cars bumping the sides of the track like pin ball on dc. Its like a go kart track. It looks arcadey and childish. Most videos of gameplay shows someone bumping guard rails to the finish. Dc should be totally free.

Forza 5. Delay. Forza horizon 2. Give it away.

I will agree, they should have went with motostorm. This is going to get them laughed off the track. Imo.

TKCMuzzer1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Er, it's been a long day but you probably win "most pointless comment I have read today", so well done.

I was under the impression that in Driveclub, like most driving games, the idea is to drive on the road and avoid hitting the sides. Most of the videos show people hitting the sides and bouncing off the barriers because their generally crap at driving games.

The devs have constantly said that Drivelcub is easy to pick up and hard to master, you get punished for hitting the barriers but not in a way were you are deterred from playing.

With Project Cars around the corner we don't need another sim game, many of us who's spare time is sparse would like a pick up and race game, so Driveclub appeals to me.

Driveclub will also be played by more people as a portion of it will be free with plus, so there will a lot of people to race and a wider audience will be exposed to it. As for FH2, it looks good but I'm not going to buy a console for it.

KwietStorm1377d ago

And you're not Yoshida, so.

Irishguy951377d ago

'A huge technical issue'

Yeah, it's called the Ps4

insomnium21377d ago

Ouch! I can feel your pain.

ShinMaster1377d ago

I think it's only competition if they're on the same console (or you own both) and have to make a decision based on time and budget.

Khronikos1377d ago

You played a very very outdated build man. The game still has more to add. DC is doing a lot with immersion and sense of speed. I would take an early Evo build with a grain of salt. I want to see the game with fully patched weather and so should you before making any kind of comparisons. You are already showing bias by trying to compare modes in a game, that you have not even played much, to a game like Driveclub, of which we know very little about its overall gameplay mechanics outside of driving.

I'd say all you guys are trying to much to form opinions out of nothing.

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fOrlOnhOpe571377d ago

It's good that they didn't release a damaged product but personally I would have been more than satisfied with a brand new MotorStorm.

LavaLampGoo1377d ago

I always liked Burnout, I think they should do a console exclusive Burnout. I'd buy it!

memots1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Why exclusive ? Does that change the quality in anyway?

If you simply like something more or would "buy it" cause its "exclusive" its pretty sad

LavaLampGoo1377d ago

I meant more that rather then building new exclusives I'd be trying to secure Burnout if I wanted a racing exclusive. I don't mind if they're exclusive or not personally.
Sorry I didn't make that clear written here

towelie12881377d ago

I am liking Forza horizon a lot more from what I have seen but DC looks great but not enough for me to buy it
I will buy FH2 and play the PS+ version of DC

IRetrouk1377d ago

Why would you not support both? Why is horizon 2 worth more to you than driveclub?

towelie12881377d ago

nothing to do with me supporting one or the other..
i think 2 racers coming out around the same time is a little too much to spend money on... i will buy FH2 and try out DC but not to say i wont ever buy DC....

LAWSON721377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

For me car variety, I will never buy a game without my favorite cars along with being able to customize them. This alone is what puts a game like Horizon 2 miles ahead of the competition for me at least, but I won't be buying it at launch because I am more than content with F5 and besides there are way to many other games I want.

Grap1377d ago

First FH2 has more content, more cars and an open world. 60 cars on lunch is a joke itself.(come from PS4 owner i don't have Xbone)

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IRetrouk1377d ago

More content, I played pgr4 waaaay more than any other game last gen other than gt5, that includes horizon and the main series of forza, I would say compared to those other games pgr lacked content, but, the gameplay itself was what kept me playing, driveclub is the next pgr to me, horizon 2 is bound to be excellent as the first one was but it didnt keep me playing past completion, I see your points though.

Nolando1377d ago

I really don't see how DC is more PGR than FH2... DC doesn't have Kudos and doesn't center around a point system which was the main point of the game...

WHEREAS FH2 does...

lawgone1377d ago

To be honest, I haven't really cared that much for any other racing games since the PGR franchise. I really hope they bring it back. Other racing games just get so boring to me. PGR was great fun to play online.

IRetrouk1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

driveclub looks like it plays like pgr, as in the actual racing, I didnt mention kudos because it was only used for the single player portion of the game, it didnt serve any purpose when racing online and didnt even get added to your kudos for the single player portion.
driveclub uses a different system to kudos, almost every part of the tracks have some sort of challenge or record to beat.
then you bring up fh2, its another racing game I want, but its definitely not pgr like at all, did you play the first horizon? It played nothing like pgr.

I agree with you there, pgr 4 was the best arcade racer of last gen, its probably the game I spent the most time online last gen.

Ghost_Nappa1377d ago

Anyone remember when the dev said Driveckub was delayed so they could make more social media-esque menus?

IRetrouk1377d ago

They actually said it was to make the social features actually feel connected, not just the menue but the whole system

Alexious1377d ago

Perhaps that is the technical issue, then.

Dlacy13g1377d ago

LOL... the "Huge Technical Issue" = It was getting killed by Press Previews so we went back to the drawing board on things.

Dlacy13g1377d ago

Didnt say it was a bad thing to go back to the drawing board. Its just very clear the game they had back in November was pretty much half baked and should never have been pushed as a launch title by Sony.

Dlacy13g1377d ago

Didn't say it was a bad thing to go back to the drawing board. Its just very clear the game they had back in November was pretty much half baked and should never have been pushed as a launch title by Sony.