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Need a golf simulator for your Xbox One? Here's one!

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pinkcrocodile751427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Wow, I'm an Xbox One owner and I love it.

That said however, the idea of having this game, makes slipping into a diabetic coma very appealing.

Not only does it look dull, you can dress up and look a Pr!ck at home too!

Maybe it's just me but golf and assisted suicide seem such perfect bed fellows.

JeffGUNZ1427d ago

It's your opinion, but I absolutely love golf. This would be something right up my alley but with Destiny coming out soon, this will have to wait for a price drop or if they give it away for games with gold.

DerekFlint0071427d ago ShowReplies(3)
3-4-51427d ago

wait...did this just release on XB1 today?

Definitely getting this. Been thinking about getting it for PC, but I'd rather play it on XB1.

cfc831427d ago

If i had an xb1 i'd buy it today. Will wait until ps4 version is out soon.