11 Times Video Games Did Horror Better Than Movies

WC: For many the first experience of having their horror-cherries popped would have been with either the first Silent Hill or Resident Evil games. Both operating in a manner that’s become known as ‘tank controls’ where your characters could only rotate before heading forward or back, this limited movement actually increased the horror element thanks to restricting how well you could get away from what surrounded you. However, recently we’ve seen a huge amount of first-person horror titles emerge, from the latest entry in the Amnesia series to the meme-based cult-hit Slender: The Eight Pages, featuring everyone’s favourite elongated stalker.

All the games above are very enjoyable for a number of cross-medium reasons, but the unique thing gaming has offered horror fans is that feeling of not wanting to press on, but knowing that only you are able to. In itself it’s a terrifying concept, and one that’s personified in some of the best titles in the genre.

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scark921285d ago

Very interesting read, I believe interacting with Horror is better than watching it and I find horror video games much more scarier, so glad at some of the games mentioned,

especially Metal Gear Solid, there is a similar scene in MGS2 just before you encounter Vamp and Pliskin!

Nemisis really made Resident Evil 3 what it is, Pure survival horror for its time and has always scared me.

DarkOcelet1285d ago

Yeah i remember the first time he broke the windows in the police department , or his first encounter ... it was so goddamn scary , i wish they go back to their horror roots one day .

scark921285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

That one moment.. That moment!!! That's what I miss, that scared the crap outta me!! same!

SaveFerris1285d ago

What the heck is that in the picture?

nope1111284d ago

My mother in-law.


plmkoh1284d ago

Shibito brain from Siren Blood curse.

Darkwatchman1284d ago

Pretty much any video game horror will be scarier than a horror movie. It's just the nature of the medium. Passively watching a film has never scared me, but plenty of games have turned me into 3 year old girls.

Summons751284d ago

It depends on the movie. Most movies won't even bother me but they're fun to watch still. Some movies really know how to get under your skin, like Psychological thrillers and naturally Del Toro really knows how to make things work. A lot of games, the BEST horror games take the Psychological approach. They will work to get under your skin, make you fear what isn't there and leave you defenseless when there is something there. Games like Slender just take advantage of jump scares which isn't real horror.

skydragoonity1284d ago

Honestly horror games scare me more than movies cus in games the character represents you so there's more connection. Resident evil nemesis did the the most damage damn nemesis was scary AF!!!

jollygoodchap81284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I agree with most on the list.

A more recent game I'd add to the list is....Five Nights at Freddy's

Soooo psychologically screwy :s

Watch out for the fox!!!

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