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Neil writes "Golf. A game loved by many around the world, or a good walk spoiled?

Depending on your point of view, you’ve either been hotly anticipating the arrival of The Golf Club on Xbox One or been dreading the fact that a golf title is soon to be sat there clogging up your games store."

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CorndogBurglar1430d ago

Why would anyone be upset that there's a golf game in their store? Thats just stupid.

Do any gamers care that other sports games are there? No. In fact, sports titles helpthe industry survive as you can always expect Madden to make truck loads of money.

oKidUKo1430d ago

I like the idea of such varied courses but the price puts me off.

spence524901430d ago

Come on sony. Give us us golf.

neil3631429d ago

It is a little pricey isn't it!? Thought it may come in around the £20 mark but it seems that was wishful thinking.

I hope the price doesn't affect sales as it's a good game.....I'm just not sure how many will jump in at the currect price.