IGN: The Wheelman Preview

What a difference a venue makes. When IGN last saw Wheelman, Midway's upcoming action driving game starring Vin Diesel, it was at the company's Las Vegas event in April. The place was crowded and loud, so much so that all you could discern about the game is that there was plenty of driving and shooting around a bright and colorful virtual version of Barcelona.

Skip ahead a couple of months and Midway was kind enough to swing by the IGN office to let them check out the game in the quiet and comfort of their own demo room. While the driving and shooting remained intense, being able to actually hear the game made a huge difference as the audio enhances Wheelman's obvious movie inspirations, which are basically every chase movie ever made.

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gaminoz3838d ago

I really hope that this game turns out to be good. Looks like it needs some graphical polish, but the location being away from the USA (thank God) for once should be a fantatic change for an open-world car related game.