Kingdom Hearts 3 Developer Explains How He Would Incorporate Frozen

Tai Yasue has a good idea of how he would implement the Disney movie into the Kingdom Hearts universe.

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scark921307d ago

I probably have to watch Frozen if true, after KH2, i had a Disney movie phase xD

randomass1711307d ago

If you can avoid the hype and give it an open minded watch it should be a lot of fun. I personally loved the movie and I'm glad they are thinking of incorporating it into KHIII.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1306d ago

True. I'm not a fan of musicals (and there was a lot of freaking singing in that movie), but it was a fun watch. Easy to see how it could fit into Kingdom Hearts.

MegaRay1306d ago

Same here.
Im gonna watch it sometime BUT I dont except anything special to be honest. As long as its decent ill be okay :)

scark921306d ago

Hope it has the classic Disney feel!

LAWSON721306d ago

Great film but I don't care for singing in my movies, though that let it go song was pretty well done.

DiscoKid1307d ago

LOL Cool Runnings in KH.

colonel1791306d ago

If they put Frozen, they need to put Toy Story and many other Pixar movies, but I know that they want Frozen so they can keep riding the hype train and getting a piece of the cash cow.

jambola1306d ago

i don't see how that works?
If Frozen, a disney movie is in kingdom hearts, then toy story and pixar movies must be included too?

colonel1791306d ago

Oh, I just realized that Frozen is from Disney Animation Studios, not Pixar. Well, anyway, it would be great if they include Pixar movies too. At least one, after all, it's owned by Disney.

DasTier1306d ago

IMHO Frozen is one of the most overrated films in years.

It has nothing on the 90's classics.

IamHaru1306d ago

true, but it's not bad on its own merits.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1306d ago

I think it's safe to say nothing will ever top the 90's. But Frozen was a good attempt.

TheDevKit1306d ago

You're supplementing on circlejerk for another.

LAWSON721306d ago

For someone who grew up on Disney films in the 90s nothing and I mean nothing will ever be as great. The nostalgia of watching them as a child will never be matched by any movie. It is a great movie but the magic of these films don't hit home when you watch them at the age of 20, lol

ExiledBlitz1305d ago

There's no nostalgia involved. Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture. Frozen was good, but it's nowhere close to the quality found in the Disney Renaissance.

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Qrphe1306d ago

At this point they can put whatever they want since freaking Tron is in KH already.

Scratch that, SW or Marvel would actually be on that same level.

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