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The Wolf Among Us is a Graphic Adventure game brought alive from the popular Fables Comic series. At long last the whole season 1 is out and we can enjoy all 5 episodes.

Telltale Games has a great reputation of bringing us these new type of games where it is more of a interactive movie that you are playing and all the decisions you make, makes a difference to how the story plays out. The games is based on the comic series called Fables published by Vertigo, a sub division of DC Comics. While GES have never read these graphic novels the game really inspires one to give it a try.

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Tiqila1456d ago

dont buy this game on PS3, some users face issues with the game continuesly freezing at some point and there will be no patch by Telltale Games, just check the support forums.

Even if you are lucky and the game does not freeze, there are far to many glitches, the voices running out of sync and the framerate often drops drastically.

I recommend you either get the PC version or skip the game entirely.

equal_youth1456d ago

i have yet to play the last 2 episodes but until now i had no problems.

Tiqila1456d ago

No freezes, no asynchronous voices and no framerate drops? That is really hard to believe since these problems are commonly known and many reviews have pointed them out aswell.

However, most users are able to finish the game even on PS3, but not everyone. You have no guarantee that you will be able to play the game from beginning to end when you purchase the season pass, that is why I recommend you not to buy it for PS3.

And at disagrees, please check the official telltale games support forums, or just google it. I am not the only one that could not finish the game and was massively frustrated. The only response from telltale games was: "we are not making a patch, try to reinstall, delete save games". I did just that but it still not works. THX telltale games for your passion and engagement, you are really one of my favorite developers of all time. /s

Anyway, I don't want to trash talk the game, consider this a well-intentioned counsel. And as I said, if you think I am talking BS just google "the wolf among us freezes" or check the telltale games support forums.

Chrono1456d ago

I loved the story. Hope they make a second season.