Shadowgate: What Did Critics Make of this Graphic Adventure in 1989?

With the Shadowgate remake just days away, Defunct Games is taking a look back at what critics thought of the original 8-bit release. Were critics ready to embrace this new genre of gaming, or were they left bored by the slow-pace and emphasis on puzzles? Defunct Games digs through old issues of Nintendo Power, Video Games & Computer Entertainment, and Nintendo Magazine System for answers.

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Dante811430d ago

Great atmosphere and music, along with some cool puzzles. It's worth a playthrough before the remake is released. There was a sequel called Beyond Shadowgate released for the TurboDuo.

LOL. It was too hardcore for Nintendo Magazine system.

camel_toad1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Haha yeh I loved it. I made my parents mad as hell as many times as I called the Nintendo game help line to get unstuck. Didnt have the internet back then...

LordMaim1430d ago

Wait, what? Remake? How did I miss this. To Google!