Battlefield: Hardline Gamescom Preview - Visceral Makes its Mark on DICE Franchise [IBTimes UK]

With Mirror's Edge and Star Wars: Battlefront on their plate even a studio as big as DICE would have struggled to put out another Battlefield title in time for those demanding so-and-sos at EA. Enter Dead Space developers Visceral Games, who for their take on the franchise have elected to make a game about law enforcement and law breaking rather than large-scale military combat.

It is something of a bold move but as many found out during June's public beta, this is still classic Battlefield. The beta was solid but somewhat insubstantial, not necessarily in terms of what was on offer but because of how little had changed.

Hardline felt more like a dressed up expansion pack for Battlefield 4 than a fully-fledged game of its own. However the game's recent delay has given Visceral more time to ease those fears, and at Gamescom they went all out to show off what will be different about their Battlefield.

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