Xbox One Digital TV Tuner uses optional 4GB hard drive space

The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner has been further detailed by Microsoft.

While DVR recording won't be supported, the device will reserve an optional 4GB of hard drive space for up to 30 minutes of live pausing, fast forward and rewinding of current broadcasts.

The specifics were revealed during a behind-closed-doors demo of Xbox One's October update at gamescom 2014, which is set to be available around the same time as the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner.

As part of the update, live television that is broadcast through the upcoming TV tuner device can be streamed to any device that supports SmartGlass.

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oSHINSAo1491d ago

Waiting for this to come to NA area, instabuy

WeAreLegion1491d ago

Can someone explain this to me more clearly?

LAWSON721491d ago

Well I think it is something primarily for EU so if you don't live their you would not understand, at least I don't anyway lol

WeAreLegion1491d ago

Oh, ok. I was going to say. We don't really have that option in the US, anymore. A digital tuner isn't going to get you much here. You need a major service provider. I freakin' hate Comcast, but at least I can stream everything to a phone or tablet, if I need to.

Dlacy13g1491d ago

@WeAreLegion If you are one of those individuals who basically wants to break free of Cable and do the I only watch Netflix and Hulu a digital tuner would be a good buy so you could get your local network TV. Beyond that, if you still enjoy cable tv then this wouldn't be for you.

WeAreLegion1491d ago

@Dlacy13g - Thanks for the clarification. I wouldn't have cable if my parents didn't pay for it. I subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. I'm getting so sick of Hulu's streaming problems though. I'm just glad Community moved to Yahoo! Screen. :D

incendy351491d ago

Instead of using hdmi input, you connect your TV signal directly to your Xbox one. Basically cutting out the middle man, now instead of controlling your cable box, you control your TV directly through your console.

Sadly this would only work on over the air TV though. And in the USA that would mean it probably won't be a very good option. Unless cable providers worked with MS, which is not likely any time soon.

Godmars2901491d ago

Its a semi-DVR: able to record 30 minutes of live TV, TV you're directly watching at a specific time, and only that. No scheduled events. Also, because the EU cable services aren't the monopolies in the U.S., there are neutral, non-paid subscription, channels available for people to tune through. Otherwise with the XB1 you'd need a paid cable service in order to watch digital channels.

jablocanas1491d ago

The way they phrased this gives me hope they'll still launch a full DVR service for XB1. If they do AWESOME!!! --> "At launch, SmartGlass streaming will only be supported through the TV tuner - excluding content coming through the HDMI In port, such as set-top boxes - but Microsoft suggested it plans to roll out to other devices."

oSHINSAo1491d ago

i Know, this is a great feature, MS keeps surprising us, soon, we will be able to be playing and a second person could be watching TV via SmartGlass something like the wii u, but inverse, maybe some time, we will be able to use our tablet as xbox main screen

Software_Lover1491d ago

Now if only cable companies weren't allowed by the government to make all digital cable signals require a stupid box that you have to purchase from them this would have been great.

Fishermenofwar1491d ago

Get XMBC people...its free and easy to setup

Godmars2901491d ago

Can you run it through your TV or a game console? If we're talking PC only then we're on wholly different pages.

Fishermenofwar1491d ago

I hear you on that...But I'm just showoing an option without having to purchase addons...But I see your point....

You can even use a tablet for xmbc now