Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

Eurogamer :

"It's been a fantastic year for Sony and the PlayStation 4, with a whopping 10m consoles sold. But there have been bumps along the road.

The Last Guardian remains missing in action years after it was announced. It's been in development for so long it's becoming a bit of a running joke.

There's also the issue of the delay to Evolution's racing game DriveClub. It was once due out alongside the PS4 in November 2013. Now, it'll launch almost a year later, going up against the likes of Forza Horizon 2, Project Cars and The Crew."

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MightyNoX1498d ago

Shuhei Yoshida: That question has to be asked to Square Enix and Microsoft. I hope the game will come out eventually on PS4. But how can I tell? Other than that cryptic message by Phil Spencer.

ROFL! You're amazing, Shu!

imt5581498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Quote :

Other than that cryptic message by Phil Spencer.

Oh, man... Nice one. LOL!

But i'm unsatisfied about PS Vita comments. Anyway, PS Vita is really loaded with games in near future :

NukaCola1498d ago

Holy moly! I love my Vita and I knew it haf a bunch of games but that's a ton of awesome looking titles there.

See the problem is 80% is downloadable or "indi" so people will immediately dismiss them when they are just as big or bigger than many other AAA titles in content and fun. This is the illusion Nintendo has. If you put it on cartridge and floof Gamestop, people will think it's the hotness. But the PS Store is more flooded with amazing games than you'll ever see on the shelf. Great link.

Mr Pumblechook1498d ago

Yoshida tries to explain the 'mystery' of the fast PS4 sales.
•Some are Xbox 360 and Wii owners who have upgraded.
•Some are people who are completely new to console gaming and didn't buy a last-gen console!

Septic1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I like how transparent Shu is.

"But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what's happening. " [regarding the strong PS4 sales]

Really good interview. Respect to Shu :)

Totally honest about Vita and everything. This guy is a boss.

TheGrimReaper00111498d ago

And here is exactly the problem!
I myself am a big vita fan and I never heard of :
- Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds (looks fun!)
- Akiba's Trip
- Crimsonland
- Nom Nom Galaxy
- 99 Blocks
- Phoenix Forces
- Attractio
- Monsterbag
- Aztez
- Cosmic Star Heroine

And many others! I know I could try to look up, but Sony should at least mention these at shows like E3, TGS and Gamescon and stuff

You gave me some hope friend :D

carlocgc1498d ago

Monster Hunter frontier G? OMG pinch me

Eonjay1498d ago

Vita has legions of games and I highly doubt that anyone can see this list and not see something they like.

Exari1497d ago

shu made my day when he said "I've been seeing the progress." regarding the last guardian

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Xb1ps41498d ago

lol the kind of stuff that amazes ppl...

mezati991498d ago

This game is f*cking awesome

dumahim1498d ago

What are you talking about?

DarkLord10031498d ago

The first sentences of the interview are kind of weird. Kind of trying to find something negative about the PS4 - that the system somehow struggles... looking for problems where no problems are...

HanzoHattori1498d ago

"Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed" or "Expect the worst and you'll be prepared for the best"

Both sayings are essentially the same and very true.

dumahim1498d ago

huh? First sentences of the interview he's talking about Until Dawn.

If you're talking about the next question about the PS4 sales, he's not trying to find something negative, they're just trying to find out why the system is selling the way it is. There's a lot of reasons for that, such as catering to that group, or finding reasons why another group isn't buying. As he mentions, they don't want to just sell to the core gamer and then have sales dry up suddenly because they have no one left to sell systems to.

DarkLord10031498d ago

Well I guess I'm talking about the first sentences of the article

Nightmar3Demom1498d ago

This is why I like Shu. He's straight forward with no BS.

SaveFerris1498d ago

I'm hopeful that the Vita will get some announcements at the Tokyo Games Show.
I kinda find it strange that Shuhei was in the dark regarding Tomb Raider. I don't mean that he knew MS had secured it, but I would've thought his third-party team would've updated him if Square Enix was shopping for a deal, unless MS approached SE instead?

Manic20141498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Not sure about that, MS did state that SE approached them with this deal. Could be they did not want to go head to head with UC4. Although that would be surprising as UC4 does not yet have a confirmed release day. Pure speculation though.

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