Metal Gear Online - Bad for Multiple Users - $6.99 for More Characters

Do you have more than one person using your PS3? Do you each have your own PSN name and account on the system? You might be a bit upset to hear that Konami is exploiting these users by charging you to create multiple characters for Metal Gear Online.

You get one free character per PS3 and can purchase an additional 3 characters for $6.99.

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drunkpandas3811d ago

This isn't a duplicate story. The original story you linked to stated the cost exists, but did not have any information about how much it costs for these extra characters. This story discusses that cost.

Columbo3811d ago

My bad. You updated the title to draw attention to the price, so that's fine by me. Next time, just PM me.

Chubear3811d ago

You are delibrately misinforming and misleading people. Stop it.

SUP3R3811d ago

Next time use the report area or PM for this discussion.
The entire first post is completely off-topic now.

UnasFortuna3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I have been playing the game since midnight release and tried many different ways to go around this rip off. But alas, Konami has screwed us. And just for reference guys, the KONAMI ID is not what is used for gameplay in MGO... it uses the GAME ID for your characters. The KONAMI ID is only used for Konami website purchases, etc... Anyways, back on track... I put in my Game ID from the Konami website when I got home and set up my character. After playing, I decided to go ahead and set up a character for my son. The game screen itself states that there is only one GAME ID allowed per PS3; however, you can purchase up to three "character slots" which would be put under your "GAMER ID". When I logged in under his PSN name to try going that route... it only would bring up my Gamer ID. So, I just ended up purchasing another character slot for some odd 7.00 dollars. No biggie, however, I have never heard of another online game doing this. Seems kind of petty and a rip off. It should be based on PSN account name and not per PS3. Since he hasn't played his character slot yet... I did not know about it having to reload each "chapter" or whatever it is called if you are on different chapters. If this is the case, ... that would be kind of irritating. It should be able to do saves on each PSN account name like every other darn game. I will have to play under his today to check this part out for myself. This just seems fishy. The contributor is not making the character crap up though. It is just a fracked up way Konami did the game and it is insulting to gamers in my opinion. It is not like we haven't paid enough already with the PS3 itself and then for the game disc also. The only good thing I noticed about the Konami Store is that things you buy for your character are alledgedly available to all characters you have set up under your Gamer ID. Another aspect I don't know about yet since my kid hasn't played yet is whether or not we would be able to play online at the same time (be it split screen or whatever...). You guys can argue over this all you want; but, I know what I had to do to get another character for my son to play online.

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niall773811d ago

and IMO everything about MGS4 is screwed up when 2 people are playing at the sametime on the same ps3.

if you are both on a diffrent chapter you have a 2min reinstall when you load your save after they play it.

and this one account per PS3 is just dumber and I WONT shell out the extra 5 euros for 3 spaces when I only need one extra.

Come on KojiPro give me the option to save all chapters on the HDD... I and most people wont mind if its 10GB once its a choice

drunkpandas3811d ago

That's pretty annoying too. It seems the game doesn't segment anything based on user account on the PS3. Not sure if this is by game design or it's a limitation of the PS3 system.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

It isn't per PlayStation 3 but per Konami ID you can still have multiple users on one console. It's just for the Konami IDs, only this author twisted the facts.

GVON3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Trust me dude your wrong, I've got to pay £12 for my brothers to play, when I use his game id it says my console has used it's free player, go to the mgo store to buy more.

I also raised a point here during the beta, I noted that I had concerns that with the purchasing of maps would be restricted, and I was right.
I was really looking forward to buying dlc for this game but by the time there done with this it could cost me over a £100 to accommodate all the players in my home.

And that sucks big time

theKiller3811d ago

why would anyone will make more characters??
isnt 1 is enough? or maybe those who is complaining about paying for more than 1 character r xbugs??

Veryangryxbot3811d ago


Maybe this will make you care more about so that you will spend more effort on your character.

drunkpandas3811d ago

There are many people out there who share a PS3 with family, roommates, etc. Each person with their own PS3 system account and PSN name cannot each use a different character on MGO. That means no separate stats, etc. unless they pay the $7

fiercescuba3811d ago

If it was broken down by user name, there would be no room for complaint. By console can be limiting especially when there are multiple gamers on a console.

Silogon3811d ago

I'm all for this, myself. I'll make 2 characters and be done with it. I'm not a bit upset by the 6.99 fee.

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