Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Review | GES

By Now some of you must have seen The Guardians of The Galaxy in Cinemas. So together with the film’s release, Zen Studios release the GOTG Pinball table for Zen Pinball 2

As with all of the Pinball tables from Zen Studios, you straight away get overwhelmed with stunning graphics, noise, and light flashing everywhere. You just want to jump right in and the ball roll. Well with this table as soon as your start the “balls” will roll! The game starts with a 4 ball multiball as the GOTG escapes from prison to see the full details read the table features below of “Escape the Kyln”. After the crazy and out of control first few seconds of the game things slow down a bit into the normal pinball style. The are lots of “Game modes” to complete with every character from the GOTG team gets a chance, the pinball will also change into the team-mates’ colours.

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