Flat Out Of Steam

GamingLives' Editor-in-Chief muses over the incredible pull of the Steam sales, and how the addition of badges and XP was such a smart move.

"Make buying games a game – make accessing them a game. Reward players for doing things they would do anyway, just throw up some smoke to take the sting out of it all, before many actually realise they’ve spent yet more on things they’ll leave on virtual shelves. And so Steam keeps rolling. I just wonder what they’ll do next, whether their well of innovation will eventually run dry. For now though, they’ve got it bang on."

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lfc_4eva1345d ago

Steam was a gift from the gods when I got back into pc gaming a couple of years back.

However, I'm at that point where I can't remember the last time I bought a game. I've bought loads of humble bundles and such like, plus hammered a few steam summer sales. There is literally nothing left to garner my interest.

Well not until they drop the price on the decent AAA games ;-)


Im in the same boat, way more games on my list then I can play. I have just started to be way more picky. Pre ordering what I want when there is a deal offered. I have borderlands the pre sequel and gta 5 coming for PC and tomb raider and Diablo and halo mcc coming for the BONE and I am good for a long time.