Fortnite "grew into something that we didn't expect"

GRTV interviewed Epic Games' Roger Collum about their upcoming action-RPG/building game Fortnite:

"When we first started Fortnite almost three years ago now from that little tiny game jam the game really grew into something that we didn't expect," says Collum. "When we first did it we wanted the game to be something we could make in three months and just push it out there. We were trying to explore how could we do games at a much faster pace. And then as we started to explore the mechanics of Fortnite we realised we've got something really special and that it needed a whole lot more."

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princejb1341459d ago

Great now release it on consoles

Axonometri1459d ago

Why? Why can't PC have something built from the ground up for it and not have belly aching.

stormswrath1459d ago

It's not belly aching to want something that looks fun to come to the platform you choose to play on.

Axonometri1459d ago

OK so maybe my initial response was a bit auto defense. I'm not against it coming to console. I just want more quality finished awesome titles that are not ports on PC.

WeAreLegion1459d ago

I love the new gameplay! It feels like TF2 meets Starhawk.