5 Promising Upcoming Indie Games

MWEB GameZone writes:"t's easy to be impressed with AAA video games; shiny graphics, larger than life worlds and big names supporting it. Indie games receive a lot less in terms of media coverage, budget and manpower - but some of the best games we've played have come from the minds of developers who left AAA studios in order to have the freedom to create works of art."

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lord zaid1458d ago

Is Star Citizen even technically an indie game any more?
Just goes to show the definition of indie games is really changing.

Sillicur1458d ago

Good point, with over 50 million now, i dont think it is...

Rimgal1458d ago

Well the game is being created by an independent studio, no big publisher behind it. The game was crowdfund it. And even Chris Roberts considers Star Citizen to be an indie game.

Sounds like an indie game to me.

Brettman20081458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Wish the term indie wouldn't be used. It is pigeon holing games like No Man's Sky which in sheer scope is bigger than many AAA games.