Want to buy PSN cards? Head to Meijer!

Meijer hypermarket is now selling 20$ and 50$ Playstation Network Cards! See the attached pictures, coming straight from GT user ManaKnignt.

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ManaKnight3841d ago

Hey N4G, that was me who saw the PSN card. I took that picture and the one at the store. Right now I'm having issues getting the PSN Card to work (I keep getting an un-expected error). If anyone wants more pictures of the process, I can upload them.

freakyzeeky3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

*waves* :D

I hope you can get your PSN card to work soon! :)

Polluted3841d ago

Seriously? That sucks dude. Keep us posted on your progress. Some of us have been waiting for these cards for a long time now. Good luck!

ManaKnight3841d ago

To let everyone know, I'm still having no luck with the PSN Card. I tried at the PSN Store

Although blurry (I can take a new pic), says there is $20 on the card:

This is a link to the error:

I should try again tomorrow, in case it takes over a day for the validation or whatever to go through. I seem to be the first to test this. I still have my receipt also, which has XXXX followed by a number, so I think it was swiped correctly.

I had no issues with a CC before, but I prefer not to use one (which is why I bought the PSN Card). I'll continue to update, but I emailed Sony support.

cp683841d ago

Why don't you call SCEA?

ManaKnight3841d ago

The PSN card does not have any phone # to call anywhere, so I wasn't sure what to call. It just gives you a website,, where it tells you all the terms and such.

cp683841d ago

Just call SCEA and let them know of your problem. (and let us know too)

800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)

Mikelarry3841d ago

let the invasion of the american store begin. us europeans can now raid all the good games that come out instead of having to wait decades just to get some good game. SCEE burn u guys, now you cant hold us back anymore

Says you3841d ago

What does it get you??.

eagle213841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

You pay either $20 or $50. You buy A-BUNCHA-FUN-STUFF from PSN. :)

It's a "cash card", more convenient than using a credit card.

@juuken...I can't wait for Wipeout HD, SOCOM, and Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid 1, etc. There are rumors of a video store (music, tv, movies) coming this summer as well.

juuken3841d ago

A bunch of PSN goodies. Been waiting for these cards because I want Street Fighter HD Remix and Wipeout.

JuiceBOX333841d ago

its about time! ive been waiting to buy things on psn foreverr!!

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