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Submitted by ElleGee 469d ago | preview

Be the Batman in Arkham Knight (Lazygamer)

Lazygamer finds a breath of fresh air amongst the familiarity in its hands-on preview of Arkham Knight. (Batman: Arkham Knight, gamescom, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

moonstormer  +   469d ago
While I'm sure the game will be fun, I just keep worrying it's a rehash of what we've seen. Can anything really top the original Arkham Asylum?
SniperControl  +   469d ago
Thought Arkham City was better, not much mind you.
Ezz2013  +   469d ago
i loved Arkham Asylum and Origins more than arkham city
SuperBlur  +   469d ago
There isn't much they can do really , the combat is top notch for that sort of game, they have the movement mechanic near perfection, we were just missing batman vehicles, sadly we're just getting the batmobile but i'll take that over nothing . It would of been awesome to have the bike and jet tho

The story and side story will make or break the game , im siding with the former , rocksteady hasn't disappointed so far and will surely make us forget about that terrible Origin prequel.
GasTankKiller  +   469d ago
There is always the possibility of something topping an original. I get the dissatisfaction some felt with Batman: Arkham Origins but I felt it wasn't that bad. Well at lest it wasn't after they fixed a majority of the bugs.

I honestly feel that Rocksteady will top Arkham Asylum. Somethings may feel like a rehash of the original, however. Including the Batmobile is going to help make the experience feel different.
oIITSBIIo  +   469d ago
Arkham city is the best in the series by far .
GavinMannion  +   469d ago
I know some disagree but do we really really need more batman games?

Granted they are all awesome so far.. but one of them has to fail sometime right?
moonstormer  +   469d ago
I'd argue Arkham Oranges was a bit of a failure...
GavinMannion  +   469d ago
I'd argue you're a failure.. doesn't make it true or factual
poor_cus_of_games  +   469d ago
Yeah arkham apples was way better.
SniperControl  +   469d ago
Dont we keep saying that about COD and BF, or the influx of zombie games in the past 5 years?

I love Batman games, would definitely buy over COD or BF.
SuperBlur  +   469d ago
Yes we do , we need to conclude the Arkham storyline.

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