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The amount of remakes, re-releases and remasters that we’ve gotten since the start of this console generation has been almost laughable. As the number of re-releases increases, there’s the running joke that the remakes will eventually outnumber the original titles.But even as the sea of old-turned-new titles grows, seeing a remake like Metro Redux is a glimmer of light in a dark tunnel. Metro Redux features the two games in the criminally underrated Metro series: 2010’s Metro 2033 and 2013’s Metro Last Light. With technical retooling, improved graphics, and some twists on the original gameplay, Metro Redux is the definitive version of these two eerie shooters. It might not be worth a repeat purchase for original adopters, but newcomers should flock to these atmospheric and polished survival horror games without hesitation.

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DevilishSix1373d ago

Review score is to low, it has to be a 9 or you are short changing. Two critically acclaimed AAA titles remastered, new engine, new textures, double the fps, all the DLC and all you can muster is an 8...that doesn't say much about other games and remasters wth less content and graphical work now does it.