Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Rockstar Publisher sale details: 19th-25th August 2014

Neil writes "It's time for a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold and publisher sale and this time round, there's a huge choice of discounts to get involved with on both Xbox One and Xbox 360."

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roguedragon11493d ago

Yet another Rockstar sale, this what the third time at least. Come on Microsoft let's get some new deals here. Good to see some call of duty sales but seriously over priced, money grabers!

Septic1493d ago

How is it overpriced?

Grand Theft Auto V – £24.99
Max Payne 3 – £3.74
Red Dead Redemption – £4.99

Those are decent prices for those games.

GearSkiN1492d ago

I've seen max payne sales like 3x I want the season past she's anybody kno if ppl still play that?

neil3631493d ago

Whilst I have no interest in the Call of Duty stuff, I love the fact that Max Payne 3, Bully, Midnight Club LA and LA Noire would cost less than £15 for all four.

Even if they have been in a sale before, that's crazy good.

roguedragon11492d ago

Call of duty sale is over priced not Rockstar. I'm merely stating that the Rockstar sales have been on the 360 several times before and it's about time there was other publishers work on the sale.

Deep-throat1492d ago

Another Rockstar / Activision sale.


oKidUKo1492d ago

The CoD stuff I have no interest in, wouldn't have minded seeing a few X1 indie games on sale

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