SCEJA Press Conference 2014 announced for September 1

Sony has announced the SCEJA Press Conference 2014 for September 1.

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FlameHawk1493d ago

Oh sweet, that means we'll have two press conferences. This one and TGS conference. I really hope we see Ni no Kuni 2.

colonel1791493d ago

I'd love to see Ni No Kuni 2 too, but I don't think is going to be probable since Studio Ghibli is in trouble

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1493d ago

They aren't in trouble. They decided to close down because Miyazaki retired.

talocaca1493d ago

They said they would work on a contract basis....perfect for Level-5 to work with then again.

One can only dream.

bouzebbal1493d ago

i hope it's a wake up call for japanese gaming industry this time!
i am really starting to let go of gaming because western games aren't offering any variety anymore in terms of AAA titles.

Sony have long time been talking about bringing famous franchises back, we still haven't seen anything of this.

sinncross1493d ago

Tgs is meant to be ps4 focussed. Maybe this will have more vita in it?

That would be cool.

Salooh1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Vita can go to hell lol . I'm not expecting anything big for it which means anything announced for it is not for me. I hope we see one of these classics only for PS4 : Dark could - Tenchu - Ape escape

Edit : I own the vita and i didn't touch it for months , i don't like what they are doing with it , i'm really disappointed and regret buying it because i expected big stuff but didn't see it. That's why i prefer if they focus on ps4 from now on like Gamescom. Every time they show stuff for it in conference is always a waste of time.

colonel1791493d ago

Maybe that's why they said it wouldn't be on TGS?


OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1493d ago

Ni no Kuni 2 it depends on Level-5. They could do same they did before.
Ni No Kuni DS then PS3 version.

Note both version were different.

iamnsuperman1493d ago

I think it also depends on what Studio Ghibli is doing. I heard they are restructuring and so not making anything for the time being. I can't imagine Level-5 wanting to make another without them

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AudioEppa1493d ago

More press conferences? Yay :) I will be up to watch it.

G20WLY1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

It began ages ago! ;^D

It shall continue...

TongkatAli1493d ago

I got off a session playing Danganronpa and I have to wake up for work. Maybe the best gaming experience of my life.

I hope Gravity Rush 2, Final Fantasy 15 and Daganronpa Another Episode get showed off in this.

Blastoise1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

It's been confirmed it's a PS4 focused show, so don't expect anything for Vita from Sony, seriously lol

Saying that, third-parties are bringing tons of good stuff to Vita so I wouldn't be surprised to see some new stuff from them. I'm hoping we get another Y's game from Falcom personally or perhaps some footage of Demon Gaze 2, maybe a new SRPG from NIS? Wishful thinking I know but oh well.

Edit: My bad, I thought this was the TGS show

EmptySkyForm1493d ago

No, they said TGS was going to be PS4 focused.

HentaiMasterRace1493d ago

It's alright dude, but still don't expect Vita love from Sony. They're probably never gonna mention Vita again. That won't stop Japanese third party though so lets hope for the best.

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