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Five Console-to-PC Ports That Still Need to Happen

Kevin from Denkiphile: "The staff consists primarily of PC gamers and Metal Gear Solid fans. We went crazy for its showing at E3 2014 and were absolutely tickled when its PC port was announced. With PC gaming popularity at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that it’s here, but a lot of games have never made appearances on what some have taken to calling the “master race” platform. Here are a few ports that haven’t happened, but totally should." (Halo 2, PC, PS2, PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Steel Battalion, Xbox, Xbox 360, Zone of the Enders, Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner)

incendy35  +   163d ago
Red Dead Redemption and all of Halo for sure. Last of Us also feels like a game that would fit well on PC, but that isn't likely to ever happen.
Drithe  +   163d ago
We must destroy the PC Master race. Their evil knows no bounds.
SteamPowered  +   163d ago
Apparently console-exclusive gamers have a jealous streak. Luckily I play on both.
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Psygnosis333  +   163d ago
Lol Wut..PC is the best platform man ...i loved psx and Ps2 now i can play them again on emulator..Resident Evil 4 is having restavration by modders and you dont have respect by pc gamers?
yes i know master race thing i kind od anoying..they are sad persons..just like you :PP xD
WeAreLegion  +   163d ago
Red Dead won't happen. Rock star has stated that the code was too sloppy to straight-up port. They would have to make it from the ground up for PC.
Daniel_Potter  +   162d ago
Unless, they were remaster the game on next gen consoles. Still, now that it's easier to port from console to pc, probably the next red dead will come to pc.
OttoniBastos  +   163d ago
PC = Port-begging Cheapers!
uth11  +   163d ago
please port these games to PC so that we can buy it when it goes on sale for $3.99 on Steam!
Feralkitsune  +   162d ago
You know the irony of that is that's $3.99 from people who otherwise would not of purchased the game anyways. If people really want game bad enough they'll but it earlier than that.

Go look at how Alan Wake, or Dark Souls did on PC. Hell, even the Naruto game, or Skull Girls.
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pandehz  +   163d ago
Does that mean Console=being consoled with mediocrity?
Stapleface  +   163d ago
Why on earth would gamers want to play games on their platform of choice? Sounds crazy. /s
SlapHappyJesus  +   162d ago
Because that doesn't go both ways, right friend? At the end of the day, there's mountains of quality PC-specific content to be had, and I see far less "Port-begging" going on on the PC side of things.

What does hypocrisy taste like anyway?
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castillo  +   163d ago
None of this needs to happen, they brag of having this outrages machines with great power and capable of achieving great specs . Then why not created your own games instead of wanting the games of so called inferior machines as so lable by the PC elitist.
SteamPowered  +   163d ago
Inferior machines and PC elitist? You sound incredibly insecure about being a console owner. The Pc master race was a thing in the late 90's -early 2000's. Just let it go...
castillo  +   163d ago
No insecurity , just using words that those Behind a PC like to throw around or use.
Somebody  +   162d ago
If none of this needs to happen, then consoles would've been an awful place to be. Really, your beloved consoles are practically made up of PC components while playing genres that PC gamers have tinkered with for years(F2P and indie games that previous gen consoles couldn't play or simply left to die like survival horror). Imagine if PC gaming continues as it is today while the PS4 and XB1 have to endure another cycle of hardware development from the previous gen. There's a reason why Sony dropped the CELL processors and chose PC hardware/architecture for next gen.

Some PC gamers bragged about their uber machines and it's understandable they want games that push them to the limits. BUT there are also PC gamers-literally millions of them-who have dedicated years of their lives playing WoW whose cartoony graphics is nothing when compared to PS4 graphics. There are still dedicated fans out there still keeping older MMOs running even to this day. The makers of The Witcher franchise is also selling older PC games(patched to be compatible with modern OS with zero DRM through their own efforts and barely any access to the source codes)over at GoG. Doom is still being played even today-you can bet someone must've played it on their super PC!

Yes, there are other types of PC gamers out there besides those elitists and from the looks of things they make up the quiet majority of PC gamers.
Grave  +   163d ago
I loved RDR on PS3. It saddens me to know my fellow PC gamers haven't got it yet. I would love to play it again on PC.
Scark92  +   163d ago
Imagine the mods! Imagine the mods!!
WeAreLegion  +   162d ago
It's so sad. :/ The mods would have been incredible! I would have made all the NPC's in my brother's game sound like cougars. He's terrified of them!
clouds5  +   162d ago
I'm a PC gamer. Didn't stop me from spending 150$ bucks on a used ps3 :) great fun with those exclusives.
Anyway exclusives always suck. I really don't understand why there are people that are OK with them. The only party that profits from exclusives are the hardware manufacturers. They can sell you a shitty product that you need to buy to play the games you enjoy. RDR is the perfect example. Just imagine how amazing that game would look on PC?! But instead I am forced to play it on proprietary hardware in low quality. Everyone loses except sony/MS. It's still a great game but it would be no doubt better on PC.
In a free market the best product should sell best. That's called competition. But with exclusives there is no competition. And it shows. Imagine every game would be on PC as well as consoles. I would always get the PC version because it has better graphics.
starchild  +   161d ago
Completely agree. The problem is, there are a lot of fanboys in the gaming community and they love exclusives because it gives them ammo in their imaginary console wars.
Nerdmaster  +   163d ago
Only the Yakuza series in this list interests me, but I didn't even finish Yakuza 4. They should've focus only on Kiryu.
Corpser  +   163d ago
People that want pc versions of these games don't just want the sub HD or barely HD console versions, they want a proper pc game. Just like many console gamers would want current gen remasters of these games
Clown_Syndr0me  +   163d ago
Im not suprised some devs dont like porting to PC, it would be pirated weeks before release and half the community would have already finished it by the time its out!
I know console games get pirated too, but I see a hell of alot more torrents for PC. Just to check this I searched "Watch Dogs" on a popular torrent site. The first 5 results are on PC with an average 3000 seeders and 1000 leechers. The highest console copy has 200 seeders and 100 leechers..
Daniel_Potter  +   162d ago
Want to remind you that used games do the same damage piracy does
Used games may not be illegal, but just like piracy it doesn't give any profit to developer/publisher.
Why do you think publishers decided to make online passes.
Why do you think publisher decided to cut his game and sell it as dlc?
Why do you think publisher decided to put dlc on the disk but will ask you to pay for it to access it?

SlapHappyJesus  +   162d ago
There's developers who have come right and and said they prefer the idea of an individual pirating their game, rather than buying it used.
The used game market is nothing more than someone else profiting off their work. They get nothing in return either way.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   162d ago
I guess that's a valid point,. I don't buy any games new, but neither do I buy them from preowned stores, theyre a rip off.
I buy them off other people who have every right to sell their possessions. I then support the devs by buying DLC, online passes etc. I don't even think you can play console games online if they're pirated, zo those people aren't buying DLC or anything. Much worse.
What's worse, 2 people pirating a game or One person buying it and then selling it to their mate?
SlapHappyJesus  +   162d ago
The only one I disagree with Zone of the Enders and Steel Battalion.
I can see a remastered compilation of the entire Halo series selling very well on PC. Same with Red Dead. Yakuza would definitely find a solid, if niche market to call their own on PC as well.
There's too many solid mech games out for Steel Battalion to meet definite success here. Even if they were to re-release it with the original pad (and that cost!). Whereas Zone of the Enders didn't sell well when it was re-released to their target audience in the first place. I don't see a market for it on the PC.
user5669510  +   162d ago
Not really I'll just buy the console exclusive on that platform. Multiplat should be on all platforms. Most exclusives are overhyped just because they're exclusive.

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