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AntDaGamer reviews Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

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Si-Fly1498d ago

I'm actually enjoying this even more on my PS4 than I did on my PC, they've done a fantastic job with regards to graphics and the control system.

Cryptcuzz1498d ago

I agree, game is so much more fun on the PS4, with how everything is controlled. Left analog for movement and and each button corresponds to an attack or ability. Right analog for roll etc. Way better than the point and click for movement IMO in the PC version.

Had the game pre-loaded and played at 12AM. Didn't stop until now and its almost 4AM! Had a blast playing on the same screen as my younger brother just collecting all the loot and going through the campaign.

Graphics is a lot better than I thought from YouTube videos I've seen. Some low textures when viewing your character, but when playing the game from the top down camera, the game is nice and sharp with a great sense of atmosphere to the game. Highly recommended.

Rob_Ko1498d ago

I'm really tempted to buy this game, I visited PS Store few times already, but I know I can't spend money since I already bought Wolfensten New Order, The Last of Us Remastered and have Destiny pre-ordered.
But it's so tempting omg....

Rob_Ko1498d ago

lol tbh I did about an hour ago :D