The Next Penelope Hands-on Preview - NWR

"The Next Penelope is a game by Aurelien Regard, who was previously responsible for all kinds of fun things at Arkedo Studio. Now he is working on a pretty awesome game for the PC and Wii U, which we played for over an hour. It’s easy to disregard The Next Penelope as just a racing game, but it’s so much more than that. When you mix elements from Micro Machines, F-Zero and adventure racing games together, this is what you get. The results are an absolute delight and ended up being one of the stars on the show floor this week. "

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wonderfulmonkeyman1426d ago

The fact that it has a storyline caught my interest.
Then I saw the race where the player used a teleportation system to navigate through short-cuts on the track, and it got my complete attention.

The controls look tight and responsive, a must for any fast-paced racer, and the abilities add a nice twist without falling back on doing things random-item-box-style.

I'm gonna keep my eye on this one...