Hands-On With The PlayRoom: AR Studio

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have been hard at work on a new downloadable content for The PlayRoom on PlayStation 4. AR Studio is SCEJ's new free to download software which allows you to broadcast your own shows live on the network using your very own smartphone or tablet to do it.

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danniellelewis1493d ago

I was thinking when they where going to release this. Thanks Sony Keep up the good work.

Frankskint1493d ago

Can really see lot of Ustream and Twitch broadcasters using this on PS4 as their main content development station.

amyortega1311493d ago

Sweet update, I don't broadcast but do watch a lot of streams so would be a nice addition to the experience.

EdnaJones971493d ago

Never had much luck with viewers anytime I broadcast games, so i don't bother anymore.

alvinmiller921493d ago

great add on with the mp3 feature.

lisamorgan41493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Well its good to see the playroom getting more DLC. Just have to wait until black Friday to grab a PS4 Camera.

henrythomas2841493d ago

You don't need the PS4 Camera any good iOS or Android should do the trick :)

charliewong9801493d ago

This seems like a nice additional software. Haven’t been able to use my PlayStation Camera that I purchased since last year because the cord is so damn short. Any one having the same issue or know of any cable extension i could get?

ArronNelson1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

OMG! I thought i was the only one having this same issue.

KwietStorm1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

You must have your PS4 pretty far from your TV..? How does your HDMI cable reach, but the camera doesn't? Anyway, the camera uses a proprietary cable, right? Not sure what kind of extension cable you could get.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

Reaches to the top of my 65" TV without too much trouble, although I have my PS4 in a cabinet directly under my TV.

So is it a case of bigger TV or is your PS4 not sitting close to your TV?

samuelspade1490d ago

Amazon UK shows an extension cable being released sometime in Sept.

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