Aussies get "Xbox, on" in the Xbox One September update; preview users get it now

Stevivor -- "Australians in the Xbox One preview program finally have access to the one piece of functionality that they've demanding since launch: "Xbox, on"."

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Bathyj1459d ago

Chuck tha Xbox on mate.


Bloody dodgy voice commands.

andydalum1459d ago

I love my voice commands i hope they make them as fluid as they are in the united states cause that's one of my favorite features aside from the external HDD support and snap feature.

WeAreLegion1459d ago

R u 'avin a giggle there m8?

MRMagoo1231459d ago

thats more cockney than aussie because of the " 'avin" part it would be havin'

BG115791459d ago

It could be worse. Imagine a pikey from "Snatch, Pigs and Diamonds" trying to use voice command with kinect?

TheBoy1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Xbecks turn on ya bloody cunt

meatysausage1459d ago

Xbecks? thats more like new zealand

Mrveryodd1459d ago

Voice commands are the thing I love the most about the xbox and that controller . Oh! Also that hdmi in.

i3eyond the Circle1459d ago

This feature is still broken

Hardly works for me...and when it does my wife thinks I'm fkin crazy.

Iamnemesis48801459d ago

The Kinect is not fair dinkum not worth the time just run the X1 without the bloody thing.

Ripsta7th1459d ago

This bloody machine is cactus

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