Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don’t Buy Assassin’s Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot comments on why Watch Dogs will be the last "mature" game from Ubisoft on the Wii U.

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WilliamUsher1460d ago

Maybe if the big publishers didn't churn out so many crappy ports and put low effort into the games on Nintendo consoles, maybe Nintendo fans would buy their products?

Qrphe1460d ago

Let's entertain the possibility that Wii U owners just maybe own other system and buy multiplats over in those systems. I know for sure I'll never ever buy a multiplat on the Wii U.

Loadedklip1460d ago

Specifically because as a Nintendo console owner, you should know you won't be getting full third party support thus if you care for Assassin's Creed, Madden, Call of Duty ... you are a Nintendo owner that owns an X-Box or Playstation or all of the above.

IF a Nintendo console came out with FULL third party support right out of the gate ... maybe things would be different.

Neonridr1460d ago

yes and no on that one. If the developer can prove that the experience is better utilizing the gamepad for example, then I can overlook better graphics and still play it on the Wii U. That being said, those games are few and far between.. lol

Dgander1460d ago

Only reason i buy multiplats on Wii U is because Im not getting suckered into paying to play online. Not everyone is stupid enough to pay subscription fees for something that has always been free.

iplay1up21460d ago

I am not disagreeing with you, but there has been a few ports that were better on Wii U, Like Rayman, and Trine 2.

Going forward I DO agree that Wii U will get the crappy ports of games, when it gets them at all.

Since there are so many great games for Wii U and coming out soon as well I am not sweating it.

N4g_null1460d ago

So is it hard for publishers to put a wiiu logo beside all of those other platforms? That would be the first step. If a company can not even announce their own game why should nintendo be responsible for it. If a company doesn't see a profit on the wiiu then fine.

Eventually this thinking will catch up to them as more 3rd parties go out of buisness.

Many play styles will develop ip fatigue and then they will need that just dance to regroup.

The problem is they might not be up to speed on the wiiu as the tech advances.

SuperBlur1460d ago

+1 i bought a wii u to play the nintendo ip's , i dont see any reason to buy multiplat games on that console when i have a ps3 - ps4 and pc where all my friends play already

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THamm1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Honestly don't think Wii U owners, myself included, buy ports when it comes out on ps3 or 360 like a year earlier. Now if they were to make an all new game besides ports, I'm sure we would see a spike in sales. Imagine instead of an MGS,CoD(example) remake we actually see an MGS,Cod spinoff, guarantee it would sell better. Also the Wii U is not the system of choice when it comes to the online mp of any game which is solely N's fault

BrandanT1460d ago

Not just N's fault, don't you know how things went with Nintendo and EA?

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Metallox1460d ago

Not only that, but when did you see efforts from Nintendo and Ubisoft to push the third games on Wii U? They never gaves a reason to abandon PS3 or 360 to go in favor of Wii U. And when you know that the Wii U version of Black Flag is the worst, why should I buy that game on Nintendo's console? Unfortunately, I did.

And considering that third party games don't usually sell well on Nintendo platforms, naturally every Ubisoft game on Wii U was going to flop, not even the good ones like Rayman Legends sold well.

Bad ports + terrible advertisement + bad sales of the platform = flop. Ubisoft and Nintendo are not considering this.

InTheLab1460d ago

Deus Ex was the best version and no one bought it. Arkham City actually added content but is the lowest rated thanks to the tablet controls....and no one bought it.

Every console receives bad ports and it also happens on PC. Instead of making excuses, maybe it's time to look at the console itself and the type of gamer that owns a wiiu.

And what about the hard core exclusives on the platform. Wonderful 101 sold 200k and ZombieU sold 700k. Can't blame bad ports here.

Metallox1460d ago

Like many say above, why should I buy the worst version of Assassin's Creed IV, with a frame rate that goes usually in the 22-25 FPS, no DLC, with lack of features, etcetera? That actually matters.

Arkham City is the worst rated due to performance issues, and it launched 1 year later, come on.

And ZombiU and TW101 launched in flopping platforms with non existing advertisement in the case of TW101.

Concertoine1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Hold up, Deus Ex is a 3 year old game. Also EVERY version of Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut was 29.99 and they foolishly charged 50 bucks for JUST the Wii U version.

It is a damn shame W101 did not sell. Nintendo failed to advertise it outside of a Direct that probably only reached an audience of people already planning to buy it.

Zombi U was mediocre as all hell. It made good use of the hardware but was not a very good game and im honestly surprised over 1/7 of wii u owners bought it.

Im confused by your last statement. Are you implying casuals bought the Wii U? Or gamers that don't support crappy ports, unfair pricing, or games that are better suited for other platforms? Casuals are a minority on the Wii U. Look at abysmal sales of casual shovelware that would've sold a ton on the Wii. Every fitness game and party game has utterly flopped on the Wii U because the casual audience is small.

Also in response to article, both sell bad on Wii U.
Just Dance 4: 250,000
AC4: 190,000

Its just that the just dance games don't cost much to port.

admiralvic1460d ago

"Deus Ex was the best version and no one bought it. Arkham City actually added content but is the lowest rated thanks to the tablet controls....and no one bought it. "

Yes, but to be fair, Deus Ex was also set up to fail. Not only was it an updated port and not only did the updated version release on other platforms, Square thought it would be smart to charge $20 more than the "lesser" versions. I mean, it might be the best / most definitive version, but I don't think anyone is looking to pay 66% more for the "best" version of any game.

"Every console receives bad ports and it also happens on PC. Instead of making excuses, maybe it's time to look at the console itself and the type of gamer that owns a wiiu. "

There is a difference between bad ports and clearly doing the minimal. Take a look at Injustice, not only did the PS3 / 360 versions get preorder bonuses, it took the Wii U months to get literally any DLC for the game. The same goes for Call of Duty, which, as far as I'm aware, Activision never brought the map packs to the Wii U version (I think it also took them months to get the free fall map pack). Probably one of the best examples is Batman Origins, since that is missing the online mode. Considering you're paying the same for each of these games, it just makes sense to stick with the version that offers the most content / continued support.

"And what about the hard core exclusives on the platform. Wonderful 101 sold 200k and ZombieU sold 700k. Can't blame bad ports here."

Yes, but I don't recall a lot of marketing for either game or Rayman Legends (beyond the GS demo) for that matter. Naturally when you don't spend money on marketing or getting your game out there, then your odds of failure increase exponentially.

Chrischi19881460d ago

Stop making excuses^^ you are a funny one, saying that and arguing with games like Deus Ex and Arkham City^^

Noone buys late games, only a few, who have never heard of it.

You cannot compare sales of 1 game, on 2 consoles, were the first Version came years earlier and if it would become a success, then there, were you can get it first. Who actually believes that a game coming 2 years later to a console, if it was a successful game, will be just as successful, 2 years later? Nobody with a little business sense.

You cant blame bad ports on ZombiU or W101, but they were completely new IPs, nobody knew them, new IPs are nice, but not really to get a new console to start sell, first you build up an install base with games people know and want and when many have the console, you can bring new IPs, otherwise nobody will buy a console for a game they dont know. And in my opinion, ZombiU was a bad game, but that is up to ones taste.

Instead of saying we should stop making up excuses, you should try to use logic here, I bet you wouldnt have bought any of these gimped games, but act like you would, because it is always easy to say stuff, if you are not in the situation. You obviously have to much money then.

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DarthZoolu1460d ago

Nothing is ever Nintendo's fault. Nintendo catered to casuals and alienated core gamers and developers. I would love for Nintendo to make a game that me and my friends want to play! They can't even get Pokemon on console and we've been begging for that since Blue and Red!

Ketchum1460d ago

Pokemon on console may not be that good. Can you imagine 300 hours parked in front of the TV breeding?

It'd be good for the single player game but the meta game would be tedious.

Although, I suppose playing on wii u wouldn't be that bad!

lilbroRx1460d ago

Well said. I'm not going to by a game that is filled with glitches, missing features and performance issues.

Its not that Wii U owners don't by Assassin's Creed. Its that they don't by poorly ported/late/overpriced games in general.

I always find amazing how the comapanese "NEVER" ask the actual customer base why they aren't buying product ask them what they want. That is like marketing 101. Find out what your customers want and don't want.

The reason they don't is obvious. Its because they already know what it and know that acknowledging it would make them look bad. They'd rather blame Nintendo and the customer base instead.

weekev151460d ago

To be fair to Ubisoft, apart from a couple of framerate issues both Assassins Creed games have been solid ports. 4 lacked dlc but thats about it.
I know because im a WiiU owner who would buy AC ahead of any other platform cos its pretty useful having the map on the gamepad.

Sometimes being in the mnority sucks.

I wonder if they will try 1 more time when bayo 2, X and Devils third drop which may bring more "mature" gamers to the table.

Redempteur1460d ago

Pretty sure AC black flag wasn't a crappy port .
Problem is maybe :
-The lack of support ( no dlc )
-The lack of features taking advantage of the wii U
-The fact THAT THE CREED BUYERS don't have the console.

Chrischi19881460d ago

Graphics were good. I liked it. But framerates couldve been better and Ubi saying from the start, there wont be any DLC wont help them move games on that console.

Redempteur1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I think that it's better to say from the start that there won't be dlc rather than let people buy a game and leave them in the dust.

The wii U painfull slow start in sale and nintendo PAINFULL slowness when ity comes to dlc and online infrastructure make it obvious what to do if you're an informed gamer.
And comeon ! If you're played all the creed games on either 360 or ps3 , are you really going to change consoles ( wii U ) when the game is available on those 2 consoles ?
I wouldn't. There is like no point ..

ABizzel11460d ago

@WilliamUsher and others

This is not a 3rd party issue, this is also a Nintendo issue, and Wii U owner issue.

3rd party issue
I agree if 3rd parties make bad ports then you shouldn't support it, however, there are many cases where these ports have been good, and sometimes better than the PS360 versions, and yet the game still isn't bought, and if you're a Nintendo only gamer then there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be support these games, and telling your fellow Nintendo only gamers to buy them as well....but I'll get into that later.

Nintendo issue
Nintendo doesn't care about 3rd parties, plain and simple. Nothing Nintendo has done in building the Wii U has lined up with what the majority of 3rd party developers want out of a console, and when you don't play nice with others, then no one will play nice with you.

Criterion are the best example of this. Need for Speed Most Wanted U, is a case of the Wii U version being better than the PS360 versions. BUt if you listen to their story about what it took to make that happen you'd understand why they don't want to make another Wii U game ever again. Nintendo didn't have online ready at launch, they didn't have developer tools complete at launch, they had things still coded in Japanese at launch, and ultimately this is why so many launch games were missing features and considered bad ports. Developers had to build new tool chains into their engines just to make sure their games were running well on the Wii U, because Nintendo wasn't ready, and it shows why Nintendo took so long getting exclusives out themselves.

There's more to it, but I'll leave it there, and Nintendo needs to do better if they truly want 3rd party support.

Wii U owners
Deus Ex Human Revolution, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Assassin’s Creed 3/4, Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed, COD: Black Ops 2 / Ghost, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Batman Arkham City, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Darksiders 2, Tekken, and more are all good / great 3rd party games that the Wii U has.

Of all those games Rayman Legends is the best selling on the console with under 400k copies sold. But if you want to get into mature gaming than Assassin’s Creed 3 is the best selling with under 300k sales.

That’s utter BS, and goes to show why developers skip the Wii U. If you want more 3rd party support, you Nintendo only gamers need to look for the 3rd party games that are worthwhile on the console and start buying and spreading the word. Sales determine where many of these developers go, and if they know they'll have abysmal sales on the Wii U, then they're not going to show up.

To make matters even worse many of these games have also been on sale for $5 - $10 consistently on Wii U, and yet you guys still won't buy them. Stop buying just 1st party games, and start supporting these 3rd party developers who put in the effort, and chances are you'll see an Assassin's Creed Rouge / Unity, Batman Arkham, Deus Ex, etc...

It's a 3 way street, and until all 3 of you are willing to share the road, then it's not going to work out for any of you.

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EliteGameKnight1460d ago

Though I feel that it's true that Nintendo has a different ecosystem, if Ubisoft bothered to advertise their products well, guaranteed that the port wouldn't be gimped, and included special features, I think it could sell decently well. apologizing for Rayman Legends would also help, but they would never do that

Though Ubisoft has been "Nintendo's biggest supporter", they've clearly been giving a half baked performance and are untrustworthy when it comes to their word. Sometimes I think they're as bad as EA.

InTheLab1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

So when you see the next Cod commercial and at the end it says Xbox, understand who paid for that advertisement and why it's up to Nintendo to promote games on their platform.

As for special features, why would anyone go through the trouble of adding features to a platform where hard core games fail to sell? Again if Nintendo opened its wallet and spent some of those billions, you'd get more special features and games like Bayonetta 2.

We've literally been having the same discussion on why 3rd party support is terrible on Nintendo home consoles for 20 years. You have to blame Nintendo sooner or later.

1460d ago
EliteGameKnight1460d ago

I am very much aware of Nintendo's faults, I'm sure most people are. But I will not agree that Nintendo should buy third party exclusives, as I feel such policies are despicable and only causes these companies to lose sight of the medium.

Could Nintendo better promote themselves? obviously, but they shouldn't have to do it for another, perfectly capable company

Concertoine1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

See your last comment i didn't agree with but this one i do.

Nintendo should either buy third party content, or buy studios to create a steadier stream of games. Either way they have to spend some money already.

Gohadouken1460d ago

It is not about buying 3rd parties . but at least making sure of their presence and cooperation . This is an issue Nintendo consoles had since ever since the n64 , with variation of scopes and magnitude each gen , obvious . Some were based on their different hardware and choices of game storage ... but a lot based upon Nintendo's dealings with publishers

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MegaRay1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

So Ubi is as bad as EA, and in order to be "better" than EA, they have to abandon WiiU? just like EA. Nice logic bro

Dahui1460d ago

Actually, I think they're about the same (sales wise). However, Just Dance is cheaper to make, so they go with that.

qwerty6761460d ago

Wii U has been a pretty bad failure so far. I hope they're working on a new console.

but who knows, maybe smash and zelda can drive huge sales for it.

crusf1460d ago

Where have you been son. Mario Kart 8 has boosted the sales of the console to a decent amount. Enough to not be considered 'doomed' anymore.

randomass1711460d ago

It's selling roughly the same amount as XB1 now. If wii U is doomed so is Xbox I guess. :P

rawshack1460d ago

i love the wii you wish it had more mature games

THamm1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Yeah the Wii U single player games is where it's at. They need more action games definitely. Heck all that Hannah Montana crap on the Wii totally killed the Wii image and labeled it the girly system. Then N turns around and names it's successor the Wii U