The Ten Best PC Strategy Games of All Time

Matthew Byrd of Hardcore Games looks at the best strategy games the PC has ever known.

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Geobros1456d ago

Nice list. I would add Populous because I liked much.

anticlimax1456d ago

I would add a Red Alert, at the very least one of the Command and Conquers. Simply the best non-medieval classic rts series.

aliengmr1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

That was my thoughts as well, but going back over the list I really couldn't find a game to replace.

It was a solid list covering all of the various sub-genres.

Denton561456d ago

Great list.

I can't wait for the Homeworld HD edition to come out.

Saryk1456d ago

So no master of magic or master of orion? What about C&C?