PlayStation Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

PlayStation - PlayStation, at our San Mateo HQ, has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. We’re calling out Bobby Kotick from Activision, Tony Bartel of GameStop, and Jim Ryan from PlayStation Europe.

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mrpsychoticstalker1461d ago

PHIL nominated Yoshida, he didn't do it, he donated but no bucket. It's probably a cultural thing.

Ripsta7th1461d ago

Why ?! Because he said yoshida didnt take the bucket challenge and decided to donate instead?! Wow Sony fanboys on this site are so insecure

WeAreLegion1461d ago

Because even when PlayStation guys do something right, he has to find a fault with them. It's ridiculous. He criticizes Sony for everything, even when it's completely unwarranted. Shuhei Yoshida could give all his money to AIDS research and mrpsychoticstalker would try to convince us he was a monster. It's ridiculous. He does this every single time. By the way, I'm not a Sony fanboy. I'm a gamer. We DO exist, you know.

matrixman921461d ago

but even when Phil Spencer did it, people in the comments were saying stuff like "He should put this time into selling more consoles". There is not escaping fanboy stupidity, no matter what side

WeAreLegion1461d ago

Oh, I totally agree. I think Phil is great for doing this. Same with these guys. So tired of fanboys.

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700p1461d ago

Then when you put facts. The insecure kids dislike your comment ;(

Silly gameAr1461d ago

I guess Yoshida didn't feel the need to do the ice bucket challenge for the positive publicity. He knew donating would be more effective for the cause.

hkgamer1461d ago

no. donating and doing the challenge is more effective.

however, this is not a global charity as far as i am concerned.

also i presume most people has a few charities they like, they prefer to spend what they feel on those and if people publically call out to others to help donate and pass the message then they may not like it and feel forced to donate to others.

i dont know, i am a little biased on charity stuff.

BX811461d ago

Jesus, lighten up ladies. He's got one bubble. No need to get worked up over one comment. On topic, bucket or no bucket it's good to see so many people coming together for a good cause.

Rimeskeem1461d ago

A rich company does the challenge instead of giving money and the "poor" company gives money instead of taking the Challenge.

hkgamer1461d ago

probably believed that other charity deserves more attention hence the lack of particpation.

you also have to understand that this is a charity that only benefits americans.

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-Foxtrot1461d ago

Bobby Kotick doing the Ice bucket challenge

"I'm so cool I don't even need a bucket"

TXIDarkAvenger1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

This is pretty similar to what Charlie Sheen actually did LOL.

ABizzel11461d ago

Silly Foxtrot everyone knows there's no ice water hell.

OfficerDewey1461d ago

I wouls swim in a pool of fake ice and be like yeah, i rule..

Metallox1461d ago

No Ratchet? Doesn't count, do it again.

luis_spartano1461d ago

It would've been WAY MORE COOL if it was Jack Tretton.

DVS-Zev1461d ago

I miss jack.New guy seems nice enough but he can't replace uncle jacky

OfficerDewey1461d ago

How and why are people in love with that guy? Both ps and xbox's new bosses are old skool.. As i mean , they been with their team and working for the boss seat. Both are cool, as was Jack.

maniacmayhem1461d ago

Sony made one of their QA guys do it.

-Foxtrot1461d ago

QA guys?

That's Shawn Layden doing it aswell...the president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

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