Who Else Wants Bloodborne To Be Just Like Darksiders?

There's no telling when we might see Darksiders III (or what it'll be like), so here's hoping Bloodborne is close in terms of gameplay style.

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Hellsvacancy1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Not me

I liked Darksiders, but I didn't love it, I hope we get a Darksiders 3, if we do it should be its own game, why do games have to be like each other? if they all copied each other it'll get boring, look at fps games, they're virtually all the same, they all copy the same mechanics (regen health for example) and games like Battlefield (in my opinion) have suffered because of it

vishmarx1429d ago

we'd probably be getting a darksiders 3 anyways,
and id rather not gimp the superior series just coz..
also i cant see a single thing that might have prompted the author to even come up with that thought,
bloorborne is a full fledged rpg with challenging difficulty ,interconnected world with a dreaded atmosphere.
darksiders is a action-puzzle platformer with beefy dudes whose apocalypse is more colorful than the most happy looking thing in the entire souls series.

mrpsychoticstalker1429d ago

Hmmm. No one. Let it be Blood borne

-Foxtrot1429d ago

A God of War thanks ¬¬

DarkOcelet1428d ago

Dude i think darksiders was good on its own right , not just a god of war clone , anyway i dont want bloodborne to be darksiders , i want darksiders to be darksiders and i hope we get a third installment soon .

OpieWinston1428d ago

Explain to me how Darksiders was a God of War Clone?

Darksiders was a Hack & Slash RPG, I want you to look at Darksiders 1 & 2 and then tell me it was a "God of War clone".

Foxtrot, you could atleast try to hide your fanboy.

zlpw0ker1428d ago

god of war games sucks ass anyways,the combat is rubbish.

MysticStrummer1428d ago

I respect your opinion, but since it's very different from mine I'll make a note to ignore it in the future.

Peace and good gaming.


OT - I want Bloodborne to be like the Souls games and not much at all like Darksiders.

Spurg1429d ago

"As much as I respect the Demon's Souls and Dark Souls games, they're not quite my thing.
They're just a little too brutal for me in terms of difficulty."

The difficulty in Dark Souls is a little exaggerated...its just a game that doesn't hold your hand throughout everything...there are harder games out there.

To me it seems that you barely had a taste of the soul series or just played it for a short while a deemed it wasn't for you.

"Call me names if you like but I play games to relax. If I consider them a chore, I'm not really interested.One of the games I really loved was Darksiders II. It had the structure and bones of a role-playing game, but the more simplified action approach. The combination was absolutely fantastic; I just couldn't stop playing. There were some challenges, the game was a great length, and the depth and streamlined action/RPG-type gameplay just worked."

Too bad Dark Souls isn't your type of game but asking to change the formulae just to make it more accessible for certain people isn't the right thing to do. The director had a vision for this game and if he were to alter his vision for it to suit other peoples play styles, it would absolutely ruin what makes this game special. Beating an area boss is one of the most satisfying experience you can have in gaming.

OcelotRigz1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Very well said!

For me, and a lot of others, Demons/Dark Souls was a breathe of fresh air. It gave us a great sense of adventure similar to the older games we played growing up. It was anything but a chore, it was completely adsorbing and one of the most re-playable games I've ever played.
I expect Bloodborne to offer a similar experience, not a Darksiders experience, which is a different game that appeals to different taste.

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