The Top 10 Best Simulation Games Part 2 (5-1)

"Simulation games are (to the surprise of many) one of the most popular and financially successful genres in gaming. Spoofs such as Goat Simulator in recent years have popularised the genre in the goofiest of ways but the true roots of the Simulation genre go way back into the 80s and 90s. With The Sims 4 only a matter of weeks away, we decided to visit the genre in our latest Top 10 Countdown where we go through the top Simulation games of all time. To clarify we do not consider titles such as Civilization as a Simulation game but as a Strategy game and therefore making the game and other similar titles ineligible for this list. Without any more padding, here is Part 2 (Places 5-1) of our Top 10 Simulation Games of All Time."
AMHNetwork run down their Top 5 Simulation Games Ever

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