Kickstarter Weekly: Fritz, Culina and Space Simulator

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

While playing Personal 4 Golden for the first time, I realized that I have just as much fun engaging in the mundane socializing activities as I do when exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. This made me think of the old adage about how video games have the potential to be about anything, although no genre emphasizes this fact quite like the simulator. Lately, the Internet has been ablaze with oddities such as Goat Simulator, Bear Simulator, Rock Simulator and more; although these games are creative, they eschew the activities related to the daily grind that many can relate to. For this issue of the Kickstarter Weekly, I’ve decided to focus not only on simulators but also games that are able to create engaging experiences surrounding activities that you might take for granted. Get ready to bond with your comrades in Fritz, create a sustainable restaurant in Culina: Hands in the Kitchen, and explore the final frontier in Space Simulator.

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