Secrets Of Hellblade: Mysterious Gamescom14 Trailer Explained

The world of Hellblade is surrounded around Celtic myth. In the trailer we see Senua, Hellblades female protagonist preparing to embark on a journey through hell's underworld.

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patelsanjeed1492d ago

Damn this actually makes so much freaking sense after watching the gamescom trailer again.

JackOfAllBlades1492d ago

Can't wait to see more on this game!

henrythomas2841492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

This looks so awesome. really enjoyed heavenly sword hope this will be just as fun as that to play.

EdnaJones971492d ago

I liked Heavenly sword a lot if this is anything like that, then i am all in.

BTW i think its really ballsy you of Ninja Theory making an independent AAA. I will be supporting them for that reason alone with a digital download when this comes out.

Frankskint1492d ago

This trailer had me and a couple of friends jumping of the walls when we saw it. I really like that whole Aztec style thing Ninja Theory has going on here. Cannot wait for this!

alvinmiller921492d ago

I'd wait for gameplay before getting too excited.

charliewong9801492d ago

I NEED THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!! If the story is anything like what the author describes then this is going to be one epic battle I will gladly take to Hell.

R6ex1492d ago

Sounds like Dante's Inferno?

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The story is too old to be commented.