The Underwhelming Evolution of Paper Mario

Nintendo has a fine tuned process when it comes to developing their pre-existing franchises. Watching a Nintendo franchise through the years is like watching a child star grow up. You don’t have any control over the situation, yet you find yourself hoping they don’t destroy themselves. New Super Mario Bros grew up to be a wildly popular and entertaining performer that I’m slightly tired of seeing so often, while Metroid was a beloved entertainer until he mysteriously went missing four years ago. Bear with me with this analogy here, but the Mario and Luigi, and the Paper Mario Series are like two fraternal twins who try a little too hard to be different by developing unnecessary traits in an attempt to distinguish oneself. Over the past decade, the Mario and Luigi series appears that it has found it’s niche in the market, while Paper Mario’s recent added features such as stickers detract from what originally made the series great.

This article talks about the de-evolution of paper...

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Starbucks_Fan1430d ago

I wonder if we will ever see a game as good as Thousand Year Door :/

Kevlar0091429d ago

There are games, but no Mario RPG has come close since (though I really enjoyed Bowser Inside Story).

Nintendo's doing like what they did with Star Fox, trying to reinvent a series that was was still high quality and fresh that didn't need reinventing.

The recent Paper Mario games rely a little too much on gimmicks I don't feel transition well after a few hours, eventually you want to go back to the original format

Pisque1429d ago

Good question. But no.

youndamie1429d ago

My favorite GameCube game, even better then Smash Bros Melee.

linkenski1429d ago

I also wonder if Zelda will ever be as good as it was before TP anytime soon again :/

ExiledBlitz1428d ago

Did you play A Link Between Worlds? It's my favorite Zelda since OOT and Link's Awakening.

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Metallox1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The Thousand Year Door is a masterpiece and for me the most solid game that the GameCube has to offer. Not many games in the console had that charming storyline, memorable characters, amazing gameplay and even very good visuals. And if you played it as a kid, it's a huge plus. The most enjoyable RPG I have ever played on a Nintendo console. Such a shame not many people often take it seriously because it features elements of the Mario franchise.

A few years later Super Paper Mario came out, but its focus on platforming really underwhelmed me. It's not that I disliked it, it's very good, but you know, I prefer the RPG essence.

And then Sticker Star came out... I don't really like this game at all. It's the same argument of Super Mario games but just with stickers. Come on. For that I have the real Mario games. The combat is bad and the puzzles feel uninspired.

I hope Intelligent Systems takes back the real feeling of Paper Mario for Wii U, if they ever make a game for it.

Concertoine1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Sticker Star is crap.

I think one of the biggest problems with that game aside from the totally bonkers combat, is that they gave Bowser NO DIALOGUE. He was the funniest character in all the Mario rpg's, and they took all that out and just made him silent. Then they replaced the interesting stories of Super Paper Mario and TYD with "oooh there's a festival but bowser crashes it" for the millionth time. Gee, how thrilling.

I heard they did it because Miyamoto wanted it to be more like the platformers. Don't get me wrong, i love Miyamoto but devs need to learn when to tell him he's being an idiot. Like when Dinosaur Planet became a Star Fox game.

A classic Paper Mario game in 1080p that's actually an RPG, though? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

LOL_WUT1430d ago

Paper Mario for the N64 is my favorite I liked everything about it I can't express how badly I would like to play it again or a newer sequel. ;)

DEATHxTHExKIDx1430d ago

Thousand year door is my favorite MArio and Gamecube game. Really hope we see a return to that style.

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