Destiny Can’t Afford Not To Be 2014s Biggest Game

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''With a number of big name franchises, and a few new IPs, slipping into 2015, it leaves a number of game fighting for the crown of ‘biggest game of the year’. Even with a degree of confusion around what exactly the game is, Destiny is fitting nicely into the possibility of being 2014′s biggest release. Whether this or not this a good thing remains to be seen however.

Bungie are not used to failure, or disappointing their fans. After the success of their Halo franchise, and their loyalty to the Xbox brand, it was always going to be a challenge to craft a follow up game. Destiny is ambitious, it’s a unappreciated risk given the amount of money poured into the game. Failure, at least from a sales point of view, is not a option. Being seen as the biggest game of 2014 is purely a positive thing given it often guarantees healthy sales, in spite of quality.''

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ArchangelMike1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Well if the pre-order numbers are anything to go by, then it will be the biggest gaming release this year - don't forget it's releasing on 4 platforms!

The feedback from the Beta was overwhelmingly positive, there were a few detractors, but they will still get the game anyway. The full game will be even more impressive and will drive sales further. I'm guessing reviews scores will average 9.8 for Destiny.

DarkOcelet1428d ago

Bungie was the naughty dog of the xbox , so even going multiplat doesnt mean it wont be great , so quality wise this game is gonna .be great and these guys are veterans in the industry so i expect this game to be the biggest in 2014 . 9.8 is hard but i hope they do it :) .

sonarus1428d ago

I was extremely skeptical at first for this game but i will say the beta did a great job of convincing many of us. Can't wait to play this game with my friends. Already have a friend buying ps4 for this and already have a friend with ps4. Coop ftw

come_bom1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

"Destiny Can’t Afford Not To Be 2014s Biggest Game"

They want it to be the biggest 2014 game... and didn't bring it to the PC. That's a dumb move.

I have a PS4. If this game had KB/Mouse support on PS4 it would be day one for me. I simply don't like playing FPS with a controller, I don't buy FPS's for consoles because of the controller.

ibrake4naps1428d ago

I don't buy online only or drm titles. Oh well

GodGinrai1428d ago

Your loss. Destiny will be a great game.

Baccra171428d ago

Redbox will have it so it's not his loss- he can still play it wihout buying it which is exactly what I'm doing seeing how you get only 1 area per planet/moon.

Drithe1428d ago

I try not to read any articles on this upcoming fantastic game but I cant help it. 20 more days? Cant wait .... much ... longer!!

End of line.

Orpheo1428d ago

I don't know. AngelMike says the beta feedback was overwhelmingly positive but I'm not sure where he was looking. From what I was reading it was a pretty mixed bag with many feeling disappointed. That's not to say it came off poorly, it just didn't live up to early expectations.

From my personal time with the beta, I liked it. Only got to play it for about 4 days. In 3 days I dinged level 8, completed all available quests, and explored everything available. By day 4 I realized I was just sitting around in-game bored with nothing to do.

Granted, that was only a beta but the maps really aren't that big and you're only able to reach level 30 (I think) in the full version. This tells me that in a couple of months I'll get bored and move on to the next play experience, which isn't bad, it just doesn't match the hype. I seriously question the staying power of this game due to lack of content. The play experience was awesome but content is key. This is not the typical shooter, to me, where repetitive multiplayer saves the day; this game feels like it constantly needs new things to do, places to explore, and rewards for doing so. It's an awful lot to live up to and I have reservations if this game will be up to the task.

I honestly think the new Call of Duty has a better chance. I'm not a CoD fan, never was, but from what I've seen at GamesCom it looks like it might be GotY, unless remakes are eligible, it in which case it would go to "The Last of Us."

MysticStrummer1428d ago

Bungie says the beta feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but no game is for everyone. Looking online is bound to give a skewed perspective. From the online reaction one would think the TR announcement was the worst thing that's happened to gaming in decades, but in reality it was a vocal minority making noise.

Baccra171428d ago

I agree especially about the new COD. Never been a fan but this new one looks great.

Johnsonparts231427d ago

if you go to N4G comments sections ya it's a mixed bag lol. I'd guess it's 80% positive. Everyone else are just haters or Halo fanboys that are butthurt.

B1uBurneR1428d ago

This game is another Watch Dogs, it's over hyped.. that's the conclusions I came to after playing the demo. Watch dogs was good for the first couple of days... then it just fell off... I think the same will happen with Destiny. I will go as far as to say Halo:MCC will outsell Destiny.

Orpheo1428d ago

I wouldn't go that far.

While Halo is a massive franchise, the Master Chief Collection is exclusive to the X-Box One. Even if everyone who owns an X-Box One bought the MCC it could still easily be overwhelmed by PS3 + PS4 + 360 + XBO pre-orders for "Destiny."

I agree with you that "Destiny" is over-hyped, though.

CorndogBurglar1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

There's now way in hell Halo will outsell Destiny.

Halo is only on one system. Destiny is releasing on 4. Not only that, but Destiny is new.

Now, if you mean to say that Halo:MCC will outsell Destiny on XBox One only, then okay, I suppose thats a possibility, but I still doubt it. No matter how much they pretty up Halo 1-3 they will still look like old games.

But regardless, as a whole, Destiny will slaughter Halo MCC in sales.

MysticStrummer1428d ago

"Halo:MCC will outsell Destiny."

Not a chance.

xDHAV0K24x1427d ago

I agree. Destiny has a lot going for it. When you're on 4 platforms, it should be cake to make profit. Look how well GTA and COD do. Doesn't take a genius to see Destiny will outsell it. Now if you do the comparison on XB1, that's a different story

HanzoHattori1427d ago

Halo outsell Destiny? That's highly unlikely since Destiny is on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Johnsonparts231427d ago

bahahahaha you've got to be kidding. This game is extremely deep and the depth comes in building your character, which always hooks people. Watch Dogs tried to have a lot to do, but it didn't mean anything to do it. MCC will get outsold 2:1 guaranteed.

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