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HSR's Ian Childs writes:

'I can remember the moment I was done with the Tiger Woods golf franchise. It was early on in the career mode of Tiger Woods 12, a game which required you to work your way up the world rankings to earn a place in The Masters, the show-piece addition to the game that year. All was going swimmingly until I reached a point in the season which required me to play a DLC course or else risk losing ranking points and missing out on a trip to Augusta National. It was, quite frankly, taking the piss, and I haven’t purchased a Tiger Woods game since that moment, nor do I have any plans to.

It was a shame in many ways as I’d played golf games since the days of World Class Leaderboard on the Amiga, taking in such delights as Microprose Golf and Links 386, before PGA Tour 99 came out and launched the franchise that defined the modern golf game. When they mapped the swing to the analogue stick on a controller it revolutionized the genre and dominated it for the next decade and more, and much like Tiger Woods in real life it still casts a large shadow over the virtual game.'

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traumadisaster1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Playin it for months on Steam early access and like it a lot, got addicted to the crazy course creator. There are so many talented courses made by users it is unreal.

itBourne1494d ago

Game looks interesting. As far as the Tiger Woods thing, stopped playing the game when 360/ps3 came out, they removed the ability to play with friends through career, and that is the sole reason we played the game.

Sayburr1494d ago

I stopped playing at TW12 also, the game just wasn't that much fun anymore. This game doesn't look like it will do that much for me. But, I will still buy it, afterall, if I can enjoy PowerStar Golf, I am sure I can enjoy a more realistic game.