Forza Horizon 2′s Full Map Has Been Uncovered Early

CraveOnline: "Forza Horizon 2 is one of this Fall’s racing elite. Although it’s similar to the rest of the Forza series in that it has hundreds of highly detailed cars and a strong driving model, it’s going bigger than the series has ever gone before."

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Axios21287d ago

That's one large open-world playground

Well done

JonnyBigBoss1287d ago

I just want to launch off a cliff in a Veyron at 200+ MPH. Can you dig it?

PraxxtorCruel1287d ago

GOTY in the car game category!

Dee_911287d ago

Those coastal roads are calling my name.

4Sh0w1287d ago

Yeah that's huge, I hope there are plenty of gas stations.

guitarded771287d ago

It's big for sure... just wish there was a larger city section. Too much country can get boring sometimes. I like it diverse, but they could have doubled the size of the urban environment and still had enough for everything else.

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3-4-51287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

What is this...A Map for ants! ???

seriously though...can't wait to play this.

mixolydian_id1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

LOL Zoolander FTW

No, N4g is a centre for children who can't read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too!

otherZinc1287d ago

It's great to have a next gen game with tremendous variety & reply value!

ramiuk11286d ago

u think?
there isnt a great deal of roads,although i suppose they have said u can drive your sports cars through corn fields etc

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user3672721287d ago

Huge map...looks like it is at least 3x larger than the previous installment. Can't wait for this potential racing game of the year racing nirvana!!

Alicornium1287d ago

oh my god *drools*
Airport for drag racing?
A massive coastline road.
Quite a few cities.
Massive mountains and forests.

I need it. Now. :D

1286d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.