Are We Becoming Too Critical Of Video Games?

Why Watch Dogs suggests that maybe we're too harsh on the games we play.

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DarkOcelet1428d ago

Mass effect 3 is amazing but everyone felt betrayed with that ending , and i am 100% that if gamers hasnt said it was a bad ending and destroyed the whole reputation of the game and damaged the image of bioware then EA would have charged us for the extended cut just like they did with Dead Space 3 ... watch dogs on the otherhand felt like a huge letdown because people expected it to be one of the best openworld games on the market because of the overhype it had and the devs lying about their being no downgrade to the graphics is really a stupid thing to say , and the driving mechanics were bad and Aiden was a really bland protagonist , believe me when i say those 2 games i really wanted to love , sigh .

come_bom1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

"Are We Becoming Too Critical Of Video Games?"

NO. I think most gamers and reviewers are exaggerating and overhyping games in their reviews, specially exclusives. In the old days a game that got a 10 had to be a near perfect game, a fabulous game, a instant classic. Today any piece of crap game released get at least a few 10's in their reviews. It's perfectly normal getting 10's in reviews today. Gaming journalist go after the mighty $$$ or are complete fanboys, no scrupulous.

700p1427d ago

We are too critical at videogames. When someone starts threatening etc at the developers then you know something is wrong. People forget that these are games and everything has flaws. People have flaws.

Roccetarius1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Mass Effect 3 was far from amazing, just making sure you realize that. I think people have been too blind (forgivng) for that game too.

DarkOcelet1427d ago

It was great until those final 15 minutes , and i blame EA for that not bioware .

UnwanteDreams1427d ago

Overhype is a problem. I think we are to easy on games. When you think about who games seem to cater to now its the lowest common denominator.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1428d ago

No, I thought watchdogs really did suck.

come_bom1427d ago

Watchdogs wasn't bad. It just wasn't as good as most people expected. Way way overhyped.

starchild1426d ago

I really liked it. And I give zero fucks about what anybody else thinks.

-Foxtrot1428d ago

When a studio hypes a game up and it doesn't meet the expectations set by the developer then yeah people can be critical.

To be honest I feel with some games these days people are too easy on them. It's not until a year or so after the game comes out you can finally go "Well that game wasn't as good as I thought because...." and instead of bashing you most people will actually agree.

The worst time that can happen is with franchises which have been around for years. The bigger and more respected the franchise, the less people will be critical of it.

mochachino1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

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mochachino1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Downgrade aside, the graphics still had plenty of wow moments. The gun play and stealth was better than most open world games. The sound was well mixed and the city felt alive and immersive. The driving needed work (particularly rubber banding cop chases) but it was the disjointed storyline and constant barrage of of side missions, which exacerbated the disconnect from the story, that brought the game down. By the end of the game I didn't care or fully know any characters motivation for doing anything aside from the obvious revenge story.

I think Ubisoft needs to hire new story writers, it seems they always have terrible or disjointed stories (AC, FC3, and now watchdogs)

The game would have benefited from a new game plus mode where you can just replay the story and continue on with your progress. Maybe if I had found a few more audio recordings I would have appreciated the game more. It wasn't bad by any measure and there were plenty of great moment, largely owing to the effects and gunplay, but there were also an equal number of 'who cares' and annoying/boring moments too.

I appreciated how the online tried to combine SP and MP into a cohesive experience and respect the innovation. Nothing was wrong with the online per se but if wasn't memorable either.

Solid 8/10 game.


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