Too Human Hands On Preview by Geekpulp

Geekpulp writes: "The main problem I immediately faced with Too Human was the lack of a coherent style of gameplay. Is it an action game? A shooter? A hack and slash? An RPG? It seems that too many things are hinted at yet never fully developed"

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TheXgamerLive3841d ago

Very strange indeed. I'll wait for a real review of some actual game play and video's to go w/it.

sock merchant3841d ago

So you deem this to be untrue because it differs from you opinion on a game you havent played or seen with your own eyes?

The writer just states he is not convinced by the short amount of hands on time. And obviously it is not in context of the entire experience.

TheXgamerLive3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

there's no depth what so ever to what he say's, in fact I could write a more in depth review and I've never played the game. It has nothing to do with differed opinions.

that's why i say what I say, also it wouldn't matter whether it was a Xbox PS or Wii game for that matter.

plenty a tool3840d ago

now too human looks the same. one mans treasure is another rubbish or something like that.

plus it's an rpg set to span 3 games, with 2player co-op to boot. something not many rpgs have on any system.

first day purchase for me. i'm really looking forward to too human infact.

Lyan3840d ago

Its a bias review that had little thought put into it.

"If I spent enough time with it (i.e. more than 15 minutes) I would probably be able to figure out what it is about it that doesn’t sit right with me."

written by the reviewer in the comments of the article. He's allowed to play for a very short period of time from the middle of the game and feels it is incoherent when he has no idea on how to play or what to expect. Imagine you were thrown into a metal gear solid game about mid way through the game and you had never played it before.

Taking his opinion with a grain of salt. I'll wait for more info and the demo to test it myself.

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heavyarms3841d ago

I do like the idea of this game, and from what i have seen the game play is what i like. I dont want it to be a fps, i like the rpg elements in it. And the co-op is just what i want for this game. Looking for some good reviews, if this game scores around 8 i will buy it.

titntin3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Though I like the idea of the game, I'm a little apprehensive as to how it will turn out, and if you read the kind of press releases Silicon Knights were releasing 3 or 4 weeks back, you can tell they are apprehensive too.

As long as I don't expect too much, I'm sure I'll get some enjoyment from this title, and I fully expect to enjoy corporative play.

The issue here is the level of expectation. Having taken so long to arrive and having been touted as one of the huge releases for 360 this season, it needs to be a smash hit, and I rather suspect its going to be more of 'an acquired taste'!

Given this level of expectation, you can predict the kind of stupid remarks the the usual brigade will write as soon as someone is not gushing with praise for it - indeed, you can see a fine example of this kind of response in the very first post here! The replies to the article contain a link to a picture of the writer actually playing the game, but a Muppet here asserets he didn't , simply because he didn't like what he played! You gotta love N4G!!

Elginer3840d ago

has a hell of a good track record so I'm there day 1. Most of their games have been story heavy hybrids. Legacy of Kain was and so was Eternal Darkness both were amazingly rich games that had me saying wow. The hell with the haters, I'm giving it a try.

ry-guy3840d ago

I wasn't aware, that to be successful, you had to be full blown in one genre or another.

No mixing! It's bad! /sarcasm

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