This Is What Shenmue Would Look Like on the PS4

A game that many people are still waiting for on the PS4. Well let's see what it would look like.

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C-H-E-F1459d ago

They should just remaster shenmue for the ps4 i'll be happy. That's to date the only game I played on Xbox simply because well it's Shenmue I would've been dumb not to sacrifice my fanboyism for tens of hours. lOl

scark921458d ago

I would love a remaster for PS4 as I never played the Shenmue games and only hear great things, and they are quite dated so it would be justified.

darthv721458d ago

it is rumored that Sega has had a remastered HD version of both 1 & 2 for some time now. not sure if true could coincide with an announcement of 3 sometime soon.

S2Killinit1458d ago

a Shenmue game along the lines of the original's charm would really hit the spot right now. and please don't dumb it down to make it progress faster. I want the same level of difficulty to figure out where the hell i need to go next. (:

But yeah, I can only hope that its coming, not much hope left, but i can dream

1458d ago
DougLord1458d ago

If you bothered listening to Phil Specter you would know Shenmue is coming to Xbone (and maybe PC). He has said several times it's the single most requested sequel and only MSFT can afford the development costs.

ssjkiet1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Lol..... Right.

- damn double post -______-"

Rimeskeem1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Who is Phil Specter?

ssjkiet1458d ago

Hahahaha. So apparently everything that man says is true...

Lon3wolf1458d ago


Think you spelt DrugLord wrong :D

Golden_Mud1458d ago

Actually what he said he have interest to revive the franchise with Microsoft's help but later on when the heat came up from fans , he said that Sega is the one's behind the franchise and that what ever they wanna do with it , they can.

Catoplepas1458d ago

Phil Spector? Are Microsoft employing convicted killers now?

ps360s1458d ago

Name sound really good...

Phil Spector

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diesoft1458d ago

I just don't understand why Sega is so against (at the LEAST) a port to the current systems. Hell, give it to us on STEAM and let it sit there for a long time with minimal updates. You've got more than a few digital options here, Sega, to be put Shenmue out there and LET US SEE WHY GAMERS LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I was unfortunate to have never played them but I would love to.

So now that I've established that I want to give you money, how are you going to let me give it to you? Please don't say "another Sonic game" because I've had my fill for years and lost my nostalgic love for him pretty much around the time you thought Shadow the hedgehog was cool.

The simple THOUGHT of playing Shenmue with all those Sega games in that arcade actually has me a little salivating (I don't know if they were in original, I assume they weren't but wow is that a GOOD idea). So...again...why don't you want my money, again?

jujubee881458d ago

It looks like a REALLY good VITA game.