Are the Vita and Kinect Dead?

Practical no-shows from the PS Vita and Kinect at both E3 and Gamescom this year lead gamers to wonder whether either device has a future in gaming.

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gangsta_red1463d ago

Yes, both devices will be treated as "if you want to" devices for developers.

Each still are supported for various needs but none are actually required.

Shame too, because both devices were impressive pieces of tech.

UltimateMaster1463d ago

Neither devices are dead.
They just need more games.

TomShoe1463d ago

Neither of them are dead, I hate it when people say that all the time without thinking.

The Vita is a niche device for a niche market. It has a decent supply of older AAA games, and it will be receiving a steady stream of Japanese games and indie titles from here on out. If you like either of those, or like remote play, then the Vita may be for you.

The Kinect is also a niche device for a niche market. It has benefits in adding functionality to the Xbox One OS, as well as having a decent selection of games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

They're optional. Don't like 'em, don't buy 'em. Just don't dump on the people that buy them and love them.

ThanatosDMC1463d ago

Vita just got Monster Hunter Frontier. Just wish they'd bring it to the rest of the world.

mikeslemonade1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

For all intensive purposes the vita and Kinect are dead. And WiiU is about to be dead too. This is when you see poor software support coming down the pipeline. That's my definition of dead.

mcstorm1463d ago

@mikeslemonade I have to disagree about the wiiu having poor software. The line up of games on the wiiu are great. Pikmin 3, Mario 3d world, wonderful101, wind weaker, Mario kart, DKTF,Lego City, Wario & Game and that is just to name a few. The wiiu also has some great games on the way too.

The PSV and Kinect are a different story though. For me anyway the PSV has not had the support from Sony or 3rd party developers for a long time now. When the PSV came out it had some great games but most of them were a let down because of the lack of MP like UCGA and MNR. The psv just received poor ports of the ps3 versions of some games too.

For me even LBP Vita felt unfinishedas it was very short.

The PSV in terms of hardware is an amazing console but it is lacking the games to back it up.

As for Kinect under the new management it has seemed to of been given the back seat. I think the device deserves more attention than it is getting at the moment for games as it is a massive step up from Kinect 1. Ide love to see another Steel Battalion on the Kinect 2 and also some voice commands adding into more games but I do think Microsoft should be leading the way with Kinect and are not.
What it is good at though are the voice commands for opening games and apps and I use this alot on my Xbox one but out side of this I don't see Kinect being used for much at the moment.

This may change over the next few years as Phil starts bring his own ideas into it but at the moment it is not needed for the Xbox one but I do make use of mine.

xazingop1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

@mcstorm I have to disagree about 'PSV has not had the support from 3rd party developers'. Ps Vita has better support from 3rd party developers than Wii u and Wii u has better support from Nintendo

FunAndGun1463d ago


Intents and purposes

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LackTrue4K1463d ago

all them new awesome looking them bundles look great, but all are sold Kinect less............what more can you say about there support.

Rodney251463d ago

IDK why they keep saying Vita is dead. It's fully supported in Japan, just not here because we don't focus on handhelds like they do. Tell me, what was the last big western released game on 3DS?

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-Foxtrot1463d ago

The only time Microsoft and Sony will come together....when Kinect and the PSV are sharing the same grave

user3672721463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

So is the PS Move...and Ps4 camera.and i am sure pretty soon the VR headset as well as we have not heard a thing about it since a brief announcement in the Spring. All gaming accessories don't work other than a gaming controller.

Allsystemgamer1463d ago

VR works As it's just a screen on the face. The rift is getting a ton of support but PC players have always had peripherals they use like simulator sticks and track ir

ShiranaiJittai1462d ago

You haven't heard much of Project Morpheus because they still aren't even close to releasing it.

Though I don't work for Sony or Oculus it is fairly easy to see what happened.

Sony was working on a VR unit of some kind before Oculus started to make waves, The more and more support and press Oculus received the more pressure Sony had to get a working prototype out in to the wild as soon as possible.

You can see people "reacting" to it but you can't experience it without being there. It isn't like a videogame trailer. I don't think it will fail at all. I hate Zuckerberg but he seems to know what he is doing. How much did he buy Oculus for? Do you really think he would of done that if he expected it to end up as shovelware?

We FINALLY are at a point with technology to make Virtual Reality a genuinely feasible reality. The issue now is cost.

I would speculate we are almost 2 years away at the minimum from seeing whatever Project Morpheus ends up being called actually released if lucky. In every demo they have "displayed or shown off" They have stated repeatedly this in the very early stages of design. That is PR speak for we want to show you something cool we are working on but please be patient and don't expect it to release anytime soon. We just want to show you that Oculus isn't going to be the only VR headset on the market.

dcj05241463d ago

I dont think the Vita will ever die like dream cast because of the steady stream of Japanese and indie titles it has been receiving,is, and will be. There will always be a market for that.

HentaiMasterRace1463d ago

It won't die, but it will stay in this hyper niche....Unless a certain big Japanese studio( Square Enix), does something about it. I'm not a big fan of Square, but I know how popular their games are. And I would definitely support anything they put on Vita.

iamnsuperman1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Even though the kinect was apart of the original vision both companies are pushing these to one side since they are not popular. Quite rightly too. The kinect made the Xbox One too expensive while not making life more confident for that price and the Vita is aimed at totally the wrong market while actually living in a dwindling market. It makes sense for both to move on and focus on their most profitable and popular products.

danny8181463d ago

I use Kinect a lot, im sure many xbox gamers do aswell. Its actually very handy indeed.

denawayne1463d ago

I use my Kinect a lot as well. Voice and Skype mostly.

I believe Kinect, as a gaming device, has been put on the shelf for the time being. The original Kinect sold well when the Xbox 360 was in more casual gamers homes. Most early adopters are hardcore gamers and don't want Kinect games. Kinect isn't dead. Why would MS abandon something that was very succesful last gen? Once more systems are in the hands of the casual crowd, all it will take is one successful game to make everyone want it.

TheTowelBoy1463d ago

Agreed, I dont have an Xbox One but I've been to my friend's house and while he doesnt play the games for it he does use a lot of the functions it has to offer in other games. I own a vita too and for both I can see what their respective companies wanted for either device, but failed to ultimately deliver with either. I do love Vita though :3 very good handheld tech wise, and I'm getting the One for the MCC ^__^

danny8181463d ago

that's the smartest move you can do my friend, I too got the one for halo mcc. Add me when you get the xbox one and the game drops: puppychow94

ChrisW1463d ago

I use my Kinect with my PC along with various developing tools. I have always believed that Kinect has tons of non-gaming potential.

captainexplosion1463d ago

I opted for the Kinect model and I regret it. The new Kinect is worthless. I love my Vita though and I wish Sony would support it.

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