Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer game modes

Lists 4 of the new Hardline Multiplayer game modes

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Minute Man 7211496d ago ShowReplies(1)
ThatOneGuyThere1496d ago

I can't support this game. Too much ignorant liberal propaganda for me.

N0gg1nsh0tz1496d ago

Earn that paycheck, Tyrese!

USMC_POLICE1496d ago

Its a shame so many are against this game. Not many games out there with a police theme I'd love to see this do good. I feel like if it wasent cops people wouldn't hate it as much, but hey that's life for me.

supersonicjerry1496d ago

no, if it wasn't a full $60 people wouldn't hate it because majority that have played it said it feels like a DLC of BF4 maybe if it was $40 or even $30 more would buy it and wouldn't bash it

OfficerDewey1496d ago

Counter-Strike 2 confirmed !

Matt6661496d ago

You could say that about COD:AW, since it looks like an add-on for BO2.

crazychris41241496d ago

Looks good just not full price good, I'll wait for a sale

OfficerDewey1496d ago

Yet , the game modes of NHL 15 are unknown. BFH releases in febuary..NHL same day as Destiny.. Good job ea ports