The Best Indie Games You Should Play Right Now

Josh Hawkins (Prima Games): New video games often appear on the outskirts of anonymity. From new IPs from large publishers to small indie games created within the confines of a basement, the gaming world continues to grow, now more than ever. To help bridge the gap and to bring you closer to some of the hidden gems out there, we scoured the far edges of the Internet to bring you a list of what we feel are the 10 best indie games you can play right now. This list doesn’t include early access titles, as we chose to go strictly with fully released games.

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Elda1579d ago

I know it's not on the list but just pre ordered Counterspy for the PS4 will be playing in a few hours,hoping it's a blast.

cfc831579d ago

The golf club. Out today on xb1 aswell, and within 2 weeks on the ps4.

Perjoss1579d ago

Very good list. I would add Crypt of the NecroDancer even though its an early access title, tons of fun.

Manubiggs1579d ago

Love Rogue Legacy, want to get a vita next year just for it. Don't Starve is great but it needs difficulty settings on the ps4, cant make it past day 15, gave up at some point and never went back.Downloaded road not taken but havent had a chance to try it out yet.