Xbox's Phil Spencer Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Shuhei Yoshida and Reggie Fils-Aime

Hardcore Gamer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has officially permeated the gaming world with Phil Spencer today accepting the challenge and pouring a bucket of ice over his head before challenging Sony and Nintendo's head honchos to do the same.

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ValKilmer1494d ago

This will truly decide the console wars.

Insomnia_841494d ago ShowReplies(4)
marioJP871494d ago

Lmao. This literally cracked me up.

Eddie201011494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Phil Spencer and the Microsoft people are carrying this big happy family, We are all gamer's a little too far. Everything they say or do lately has to include the competition, pandering.

It wouldn't be so noticeable if they didn't do the complete opposite last generation. Microsoft and company took many pot shots at the competition with nary a good thing to say, and was often defended by Xbox fanboys by saying they are a Business and that's what businesses do.. Now that they are low man on the totem pole, they play this mister nice guy [email protected] and they make sure everyone see's it. The Xbox fanboys eat this crap up.

Certainly there were other people other than people that work for the direct competition he could have challenged. It's good thing to participate in but it just seems he never misses a opportunity.

I like this one better.

gameon19851494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I think that's really cool that he would take the time to do this. with that said remember when rumors were going around about the source 2 engine running on Xbox one? Well as any one notice that Phil as a Aperture Science Laboratories T-shirt on. whic is the fictional lab in portal. This could mean the next portal will be exclusive, or steam really is coming to Xbox. either way I think it is now Safe to say that something Valve related is coming to Xbox. He even mentions Gabe Newel in this vid, Why?

FanOfRootBeer1494d ago

He likes Valve. He likes Gabe; he's a cool guy, it's no surprise.

There is no deeper meaning here, Sherlock.

LAWSON721494d ago

But... Half Life 3 confirmed

OfficerDewey1494d ago

HL 3 confirmed and bundled with CS 2.. Lol it don't get old

Bathyj1494d ago

Phil wears those shirts to sell his "Im such a cool gamer guy" persona. The guy does more wardrobe changes in a tradeshow than a Mariah Carey concert. The actual game on the shirt is irrelevant, as long as its got some street cred.

aawells071494d ago Show
Bathyj1494d ago

Sorry to disappoint you but Im not going to resort to insulting you even thou you had no problem doing it to me and then virtually dared me to retaliate.

If you dont believe me about the shirts watch him on stage sometime and ask why he needs to keep changing all the time if not to curry favor with gamers.

Maybe you believe hes taking Ice Bucket Challenges every time he goes behind the curtain because hes just that cool.

cl19831494d ago

It'll be interesting to watch the others pick up the challenge.

christocolus1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Lol. Watching Phil geting iced by nelson and jeff is hilarious. Want to see Reggie and Gabe take up the challenge too, especially Gabe.

Funny way to show awarness&

Kavorklestein1494d ago

TO me this shows Phil's playful/fun side and makes me feel like he really has no bones to pick with Sony or Nintendo.

Cool guy for sure. :)

christocolus1494d ago

Sure he is. Major nelson seemed really happy to pour that bucket of ice all over Phil. He did a question and answer session on xbox subreddit just after the video was released...Lol.

mrpsychoticstalker1494d ago

Yoshida already commented he's not gonna do it. He donated but no water.

cl19831494d ago

Where did he say this?

BlackWolf121494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

He doesn't specifically say he won't do the ice water, but he is Japanese man! Don't expect him to do the water part.

I couldn't imagine a top level Japanese Businessmen doing something like this.

Besides the challenge isn't that people HAVE to do the ice water, the challenge goes "those who are nominated have to either donate money or do the water".

EDIT: LOL do people disagree with the definition of the challenge? or what?

Riderz13371494d ago

Straight up lie. He never said he wasn't going to do it. He has 24 hrs, he already donated to the charity.

neocores1494d ago

Umm he did not do it but PlayStation did it for him

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