'GTA 5' PS4, PC, Xbox One Release Date Delayed Until 2015?

IBT: “Grand Theft Auto 5” may not hit shelves for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 until 2015, CVG reports. Rockstar Games of New York (NASDAQ:TTWO) announced in June the open-world action game would be coming to eighth-generation devices and the PC sometime during the third or fourth quarter this year. However, unless the studio reveals the exact release date soon, we may see a delayed launch."

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KendrickLamar1462d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they did though. They did it with the PS3/360 versions.

But still, another Delayed-To-2015-Game:

SuperBlur1462d ago

i dont know why some people think it is delayed only because R* is being silent.. thats their signature move. Plus its easy to say that out of the 34+millions who bought V , atleast half of them are doing the word of mouth and advertising free of charge the next gen version. Fall ends on 21st of December , there is plenty time for a few trailers.

Baka-akaB1462d ago

they didnt for ps3/360 . It's people that went crazy and announced all sorts of randomly guessed dates

Debaitable1462d ago

They been too silent about those heists mission

Lightning Mr Bubbles1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

This delay trend needs to stop. They need to start fining companies for doing this, or else everyone is just gonna delay their game. It's becoming a joke.

They need to at least stop putting out release dates until they are sure.

In defense of GTA V, I don't think they ever gave a solid release date.

But for companies that do and they break it, it's gotta cost them, this is getting really bad.

A bit extreme I know, but it's gotten that bad
At this rate, we won't have any games this fall. Every game is announced, time period is given, and then it's delayed.

ThatOneGuyThere1462d ago

if its anything like GTA4 on the PS4 its going to be in test for a very long time. R* stays quiet during this time. Its all hands on deck and a feverish rush to get a quality build out and approved before the launch window.

sonarus1462d ago

I didn't play on ps3 as soon as the rumor came out it would be on ps4 I chose to stay patient for that extra graphics boost. I hope it's not delayed tired of waiting

xPhearR3dx1462d ago


Ummm actually they did. It was originally suppose to release in Spring of last year, but it was delayed until fall.

monkey6021461d ago

Lightning mr bubbles
That is no solution what so ever. You cant fine companies for not releasing an unfinished product. if that were the case we would have the market flooding with broken code and trash games. Whatever frustration youve been caused by a delay would be ten fold by a huge dissapointment.
The real answer to the issue is that these gaming companies stop giving release dates until they have a solid confirmation the product can make it

Maddens Raiders1461d ago

I can't wait for this to be on the PS4.

whybag1461d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles
We should encourage them to delay games if they aren't ready to ship, and we should "fine" companies for releasing games too early like Battlefield 4. And by fine I mean hit their wallets with lost sales, because we shouldn't encourage them to release more broken crap by buying the already released broken crap.

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MRMagoo1231462d ago

That would suck, I do have the ps3 version but I really want to start again on the ps4 and enjoy it again, lets all just hope this rumor is another false one like most others.

DoctorXpro1462d ago

I have on 360 and never played, I was waiting for Xbox One release, so I have a lot to enjoy, still have Forza and Halo plus Far cry 4 but I want this one as well.

dillhole1462d ago

I played about 1/4 of it before getting a PS4 - then decided to try and forget everything about it until the PS4 version. I've got a feeling it'll be extra sweet after the underwhelming Watch_Dogs.

MRMagoo1231462d ago


Yeh watch dogs was no where near the hype I had going for it, from all the info we had I was expecting gta with hacking powers but nope.

JsonHenry1462d ago

No one wants to release on the new consoles until after the winter holiday's and there are more systems in players hands. Its all about initial total sales and keeping investors/share holders happy in the spring.

infamous-butcher1462d ago

Its R* and a GTA game. they can put it out when ever the *&$% they want. They are practly gods when it comes to selling games.

JsonHenry1462d ago

Sadly even Rockstar has to worry about keeping the board happy.

oODEADPOOLOo1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

What about us... the consumer? lol. The board can shitck a pipe up their butt and smoke it!...

assdan1462d ago

No real evidence here though.

TBONEJF1461d ago

Think its kinda early to be on next gen consoles.

Feralkitsune1461d ago

How? the consoles are out already....

3-4-51461d ago

At this point, isn't it kind of "Too little, too late" with this game.

It had it's's time in the sun, and they didn't really impress then, not sure what they could add now that would make this game worth buying again.

The only cool feature I could see would be to record all the crazy crashes and stuff that happens, that we've never been able to before.

* They are wasting money on this, when they could be working on a New Read Dead game.

Pogmathoin1461d ago

This is a cheap version of what the X1 was going to do, and still plans on doing.... This article is a joke. PS4 may have great hardware, but it rips off many of X1's features..... Seen as I posted this on N4G, I will get buried, and the retarded system used here will ensure my demise.....

Syntax-Error1461d ago

This would be stupid considering it's a remaster and not a new game. They will be releasing when the official next gen titles get released. If that's the case then they won't make the money they would have if released earlier. Unlike Naughty Dog, Rockstar made billions on this title so reintroducing it is not really the motivation to turn it onto new customers. To them, it's just a cash grab.

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Relientk771462d ago

I would like to see it in 2014, but wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed.

ape0071462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

please R* north upgrade the crash physics/vehicular deterioration, i know it got held back by last gen limitations

other than that, GTA V it's one of the absolute greatest games ever made ever, been playing games since Famicom

as a huge GTA fan, i can't thank you enough R* north, been a huge fan ever since your N64 gem Body Harvest, you Scottish wizards are some of gaming's all time greatest developers

ThatOneGuyThere1462d ago

best thing on GTA 4 PC is to use that realistic physics and damage mod.

cfc781462d ago

Lots of big hitters releasing in 2015 be much better to release it in 2014(if ready) hopefully this stays as just a rumour.

lobocob1462d ago

Yet none if them hit harder than gta tho... I don't think R* plans releases around others

Syntax-Error1461d ago

Why? It's not a new game. It's a remaster in which the original sold more than 10,000,000 copies. So you're wrong. If GTA V remaster was sitting on a shelf right next to The Witcher 3, Evolve, Arkham Knight, or The Order 1882, guess which one is going to be picked up first

Hazmat131462d ago

i really hope not. these delayed games are really pissing me off.