PS4 Timed Exclusive Hellblade Info Revealed: Singleplayer Only, Brutal Combat, Boss Battle And More

Ton of new information about upcoming PS4 timed exclusive title, Hellblade was revealed by Ninja Theory.

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-Foxtrot1372d ago

"For Hellblade, they are not using assets and ideas originally intended for Heavenly Sword 2"

Hmmmm...I find that hard to believe

We havent seen much, I get that but what we did see in the trailer it reminded me of the concept they talked about for a Heavnly Sword sequel...Nariko trapped in hell, then this game is revealed and it not only looks like a sequel but is called "HELL blade".

Rimgal1372d ago

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer, there is to many resembles to Heavenly Sword. And no complaints from me, I love that game.

A little off topic here, but I have to ask. Dude do you have a downvote fairy always after you, or something like that? Because every time I see a comment from you, even the simplest ones, you always have a bunch of disagrees.

Godmars2901372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Aside from a grungy looking, escaped extra from an 80's Mad Max movie, I didn't notice anything similar...

I mean, seriously, almost everything I've seen from them has a post-glam-apocalypse look about it.

Guessing Foxtrot's managed to gather a following of fanboys who've yet, or don't want to, put him on their ignore lists.

To be fair, I hate the phrase "can't wait" especially as applied to something that's not even a proper title let alone officially announced.

Not enough to ding anyone mind you, but still.

-Foxtrot1372d ago's N4G, it's not just me to be honest, it happens to lots of people on here

Even if someone stated how much they "can't wait" for a game to come out they would have a bunch of disagrees. Then you might say something which can p*** off a certain fanbase whether your in the right or not.

The longer you've been here and the more you comment you're going to have people here and there down vote you on everything for a number of reasons, for example you might of "owned" them in the past and they hold a grudge.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, the disagree button is pointless. All you need is the agree button, if people don't agree with you then they'll not hit the agree button. Problem solved.

ABizzel11372d ago

*It is a brand new IP with new character, lead protagonist is not Kai

*The title "Hellblade" is opposite of "Heavenly Sword" because Ninja Theory likes SWORDS and HELL

I've seen a lot of things get shot down, but I don't think I've ever seen it where it becomes a bullet point for a game. LMAO.

Still looking forward to it, regardless of being a tie in of the same universe or not.

trenso11372d ago

I agree when the trailer was starting up i thought it was heavenly sword 2 but then it turned out to be hell blade the character atleast has got some inspiration from that game.

isarai1372d ago

Similar design does not even remotely mean same assets. Seriously how long ago has it been since they made these assets? they're very likely to just be outdated assets and we're now at the point where you can just do a lot better.

Sheikh Yerbouti1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I believe them.

Trip in Enslaved looked like Nariko too, although Trip was clearly Caucasian and Nariko vaguely Asian. It is just the same art style. I wouldn't be surprised if this character is a red head too. I guess Ninjers like Gingers! LOL!

I do think this is at least a reimagining of the gameplay, if not story per se.

DoubleYourDose1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I don't think there should be an agree or disagree vote option. If people want to do either, they can reply to a comment and have a discussion.

Sheikh Yerbouti1371d ago

or maybe just a agree? If you can't argue a point, you aren't in a position to disagree anyway.

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Relientk771372d ago

I want this game. Cannot wait to see gameplay.

sam_job1372d ago

"brutal and uncompromising combat" can't wait seriously

BG115791372d ago

I have not being paying attention to this game.
It might have been a mistake.

Transporter471372d ago

Well this is Heavenly Sword

This is Hellblade

Idk... I think this is suppose to be Heavenly Sword 2 but they chose to not call it that to do it multiplatform.

Godmars2901372d ago

They can't make HS2 cause Sony owns the IP name.

They can however pull a Fromsoft. Not use the actual name.

Though maybe this limited exclusivity is the price they paid to put Sony off their back for any similarities.

Kurisu1372d ago

Generally one of my most anticipated games coming to PS4. Really looking forward to this.

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