Emotes to Make Hearthstone More… Emotive

Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Dear Hearthstone Developers,

Diabolical. That’s what you are. You have that pitch perfect blend of complexity and brevity to keep me playing for hours, and for days, and for weeks on end. There's time for so little else; Hearthstone, I fear, is consuming me.

I may or may not be developing feelings for Nat Pagle. I had a dream the other night that Ragnaros and Ysera started a family together; it was literally just like The Notebook, only with a scaly Ryan Gosling. If Hearthstone were my job, your people would owe me mad overtime.

You seem to have thought of everything, Stone of Hearth. Well, almost everything. I am writing to respectfully propose that you add an upgrade tree for emotes on your world class, highly addictive online trading card game."

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